Great Plains

The Great Plains region is one of the many unique regions that can be found on the North American continent. Stretching through much of the United States and part of Canada, it is comprised primarily of grasslands, prairies, and steppes. The boundaries include the Rocky Mountains on the western side and the mighty Mississippi River along portions of the eastern fringes. It's quite a large region, and there are plenty of interesting places to visit within its expansive realms.

The southernmost portion of the Great Plains region is found in Texas, with the Rio Grande serving as the boundary according to most geographers. As for the northernmost reaches, they stretch into the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Generally speaking, the terrain of the region is flat, and many portions lack any real forestation. For those who don't hail from the Great Plains, there's almost a strange appeal to the open grasslands, prairies, and steppes. It's like another world in a way, especially if you come from the more deciduous East or the lofty and pine-laden expanses of the West.

There are many interesting sights to see and attractions to take in. South Dakota and Wyoming tempt with their Black Hills region, for example. This region is home to the Mount Rushmore Memorial, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and some pretty spectacular landscapes. Another example of a popular travel destination that can be found in the Great Plains region is the Wisconsin Dells. Situated in the south-central portion of Wisconsin, this area is known for its water parks and its recreational opportunities.

Mountain biking at Katy Trail State Park in Nebraska, whitewater rafting at Big Bend National Park in Texas, and doing some hiking in North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park are just a few of the many more options for things to do in the Great Plains region. In Canada, more parks and recreational opportunities await.

Of course, the larger Great Plains region is also home to some cities that can make for excellent places to visit as well. Winnipeg, Fargo, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City are just some of the examples.

Major interstates and highways link many of the top destinations in the Great Plains region together, so getting around is easy as can be for those who are wishing to do some exploring. The region also offers lodging options to fit all tastes and budgets. Hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals, and campgrounds combine to present the available choices, and many are not located far off the freeway for anyone road-tripping through this region.

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