Topeka Kansas State Capitol

The Topeka Kansas State Capitol is one of the best living museums in the state, and one could argue that no visit to Topeka would be complete without visiting it. You can find the Kansas State Capitol Building right in the heart of Topeka, and it is open to visitors between the hours of 8 a.m and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Free tours of the Topeka Kansas State Capitol are offered six times a day by the State Historical Society, and everyone in the group is bound to enjoy the Dome Tours. It's recommended that you make reservations for both the historical tours and the dome tours, especially if you are traveling with a group.

Work on the Topeka Kansas State Capitol began in 1866, and the state legislature started using it in 1869. The building had not yet been completed in 1869, and it would take 37 years before it saw completion. The total cost of the project topped out at $3,200,588.92. Renovations to the structure have been ongoing in recent years, and these renovations aim to preserve this historic building so that future generations can enjoy it. There's quite a lot to enjoy on tours of the Kansas State Capitol Building, including the murals that were painted by John Steuart Curry, who was a Kansas native. Of the murals that Curry painted at the Topeka State Capitol Building, the Tragic Prelude is the most renowned. This painting, which is housed in the building's east wing, depicts John Brown, who was a major figure in the Kansas Territory's anti-slavery movement. Though Curry did not finish all of the murals that he intended to paint for the Topeka Kansas State Capitol Building, his works here are regarded by many as being some of the greatest public artworks in the country.

Touring the 304-foot tall dome at the Kansas State Capitol Building is definitely something that you won't soon forget, especially since you'll have to climb 296 steps if you want to get to the top. It's worth climbing these steps if you are able, as you'll get an up close look at the dome's elaborate architecture. In addition to admiring the beauty of the dome, you can also gaze out on the city, as the summit of the dome offers some great city views. For history buffs, it's important to know that construction on the Topeka State Capitol building's dome started in 1885. Topping the outside of the bronze dome is a bronze statue of Ad Astra, who was a Kansa Indian warrior. This statue might look fairly small from ground level, but it stands just over 22 feet tall. It also weighs 4,420 pounds.

A tour of the Kansas State Capitol Building is a great addition to any Kansas vacation itinerary, and since there are a bunch of other great attractions to enjoy in Topeka, you might choose to hang around for a while. The Topeka Zoo is one of the best zoos in Kansas, and the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site offers insight into one of the most significant court cases of the last century. For those who want to learn more about the history of Kansas, the Kansas Museum of History is a Topeka attraction that is not to be missed. Topeka is easy to reach from the other Kansas cities of Manhattan, Lawrence, and Kansas City, so even if you don't stay at one of the Topeka hotels when visiting the area, dropping by for a look at the Topeka State Capitol shouldn't be too difficult.

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