Topeka Kansas

Topeka is the capital city of Kansas, and it's full of great attractions if you're looking to include it on your Kansas vacation itinerary. It's here where you'll find the Kansas State Capitol Building, which is just one of the main Topeka travel attractions that you won't want to miss. Free tours of the Capitol Building are offered to visitors on weekdays, and they are definitely among the most popular things to do in Topeka. You're close to some of the other main cities in Kansas when visiting Topeka, so when you're not enjoying the Topeka attractions, you can schedule a few side trips to other towns to see what they have to offer.

The Kansas State Capitol Building is without question one of the top Topeka attractions. This impressive structure, which was built over the course of 37 years in the late 1860s and early 1900s, looms large over the downtown area, its bronze-capped dome rising to a height of 304 feet. There's quite a lot to enjoy on tours of the Kansas State Capitol Building, including the murals that were painted by John Steuart Curry, who was a Kansas native. When you're not enjoying tours of the Capitol Building while taking in the downtown Topeka attractions, you might head over to the Brown v. Board National Historic Site and Museum or see what the Kansas History Museum has on display. The former honors the famous 1954 Supreme Court decision that played a significant role in the Civil Rights struggle, while the latter is a great place to learn all about the history of Kansas.

Another historical site found in the downtown area of Topeka Kansas is Old Prairie Town, which is a pioneer village that rests along the Oregon Trail. Among the things you'll see at Old Prairie Town include a prairie mansion that dates back to the 1870s and an 1891 schoolhouse. Old Prairie Town also boasts a botanical garden if you want to take some time out to smell the flowers. There are some great downtown attractions that deserve inclusion on any Topeka travel itinerary, and doing a little shopping on the side is always encouraged. Kansas Avenue is a good place to start if you're looking to add shopping to your list of things to do in Topeka. Exploring the dining scene is also recommended when hanging out downtown, especially if you like good steaks and BBQ. A dozen art galleries and a handful of quality performing arts facilities can be found in Topeka Kansas, so getting your cultural fix while engaging in Topeka travel can definitely be part of the picture as well.

Should you still be looking for more things to add to your list of things to do in Topeka Kansas, the city has a small zoo that is among the best zoos in the state. The Topeka Zoo is renowned for having hatched the first Golden Eagle in captivity, and though the zoo was on the decline for a number of years, a recent major overhaul has it back up to standards. You can find the Topeka Zoo in the north central part of the city just off of Interstate 70, which is the main east to west interstate in Kansas. Speaking of Interstate 70, it will lead Topeka travelers to some other cities in Kansas that deserve a look as much as Topeka does. Kansas City can be found along Interstate 70, and it's just 60 miles from Topeka. The city of Lawrence, which is home to the University of Kansas, is even closer when heading east from Topeka, and if you head west out of the city, Manhattan is a mere 58 miles away. Find yourself a good Topeka hotel, and it can make for a great eastern Kansas travel base.

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