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When relishing in an indelible Kansas vacation, breathtaking sunsets, sweeping, picturesque prairies, rugged, limestone hills and a host of assorted attractions will all doubtlessly be part of your ongoing adventure. To enjoy the best possible experience during Kansas vacations it's wise to get educated about the different seasons in Kansas and what kind of temperatures to expect. The best time for Kansas travel is determined by your own tastes and preferences and what kind of conditions you might find ideal. Factors for deciding when to travel to Kansas include the time of year and the weather, desired attractions to visit and a general list of things to do in Kansas and when they're best done.

Kansas has a continental climate system, meaning summers get quite hot and winters do get cold and sometimes harsh. Each season demonstrates distinct temperatures and many breathtaking features setting each of them apart. The best time for Kansas travel isn't necessarily determined by how hot or cold it is but by what it is you want to see and experience throughout the state. If it's an urban experience you're looking for, then the weather may not play a big part in when to go. If you're hoping to avoid any major tourist pockets then you'll want to avoid peak seasons in Kansas or at least the most popular tourist haunts.

Peak time for Kansas travel is generally between May and October but this isn't to say that each and every month is brimming with tourists. Shoulder seasons are April, which leads right into the peak travel time, and November, which trails the peak period and welcomes Fall foliage lovers coming out of the woodwork. April can be cooler and damp but it also presents many glorious, warm days ideal for viewing the exquisite new blooms of spring. In April the average high temperatures linger around 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit while in November the average highs drop to around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The summer months see some of the busiest times in Kansas. A slew of excellent outdoor attractions bring people from far and wide anxious to explore the incredibly diverse state. With average temperatures reaching between 85 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit between June and August, it can get sweltering hot. A Kansas vacation during the summer affords plenty of opportunity to enjoy the best summer-geared attractions around. Statewide waterparks, exciting summer events and festivals and many outdoor recreational options are some of the highlights of the warm seasons in Kansas. Spring, summer and fall offer some of the best weather for golfing, camping, hiking and fishing, leaving your options wide open.

Winter time in Kansas is perfect for tours of the many great indoor attractions like the Cosmosphere and Space Center, the many exceptional regional museums and sumptuous Kansas spas. If you do choose to spend your hard-earned vacation time indoors at any of the luxury resorts and spas, consider the many great options in Kansas vacation packages so you can enjoy the best rates on all your vacation needs, including luxury hotels, car rentals, theater tickets, air travel and much more.

When you have the time to really enjoy a Kansas vacation, all the reasons that make the state a remarkable destination will all come to light. Exciting casinos lit up like Vegas, world class wineries and winery tours, renowned zoos and nature preserves, and plenty of scenic byways and back ways, create an unforgettable place to visit and one that will draw you back over and over.

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