Kansas Zoos

It almost seems like there is a zoo in Kansas wherever you go, as some of the state's top destinations boasts zoos of their own. Some of these zoos are relatively small, while others are sizeable. The Kansas zoos help to make Kansas a family-friendly destination, and visiting one or more of them is a welcome addition to any Kansas vacation itinerary. When you're not visiting one of the many Kansas zoos, you can also hope to view some wildlife when exploring the vast Kansas prairies. The Konza Prairie Preserve, for example, supports more than 7,500 different kinds of plants and 40 different mammal species. It is also home to 20 different kinds of fish, 700 kinds of invertebrates, and hundreds of different kinds of birds. Getting back to the Kansas zoos, they allow you to see some more exotic creatures, such as Bengal tigers and white rhinos.

The Sedgwick County Zoo, which can be found in Wichita, is just one of the zoos in Kansas that you might consider visiting. More than 2,500 animals call the Sedgwick County Zoo home, and these animals represent nearly 500 different animal species. Because of its large collection of animals, the Sedgwick County Zoo is one of the top overall attractions in Kansas. Five of the planet's seven continents are represented in different areas at the Sedgwick County Zoo, and there's even a petting farm here that is ideal for visitors of all ages. At the North America area, you can see grizzly bears, bison, grey wolves, and river otters, while the Africa area features animals that you might expect to see on a safari in Kenya or South Africa. These African animals include lions, hippos, and giraffes. Various special events, like the Kids' Zoobilee, are held at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, which helps to make it one of the top rated zoos in the country.

Topeka, which is the capital of Kansas, is just one of the other cities in the state that features its own zoo. Known as the Topeka Zoological Park, this zoo is known for its tropical rain forest exhibit, which is as impressive as it has always been over the course of its life. Various jungle cats, such as black leopards and Sumatran tigers, figure among the animals that you can see at the Topeka Zoological Park, and there is a children's play area just across from the zoos entrance if you're traveling with little ones. Hutchinson and Salina are among the other Kansas cities that boast their own small zoos, and these zoos are a pleasure to visit, even if you're short on time. The Hutchinson Zoo only has around 160 animals, so you can make your way through it in an hour or less, and since admission is free, it begs inclusion on your itinerary. As for the zoo in Salina Kansas, it covers 60 acres and offers spacious enclosures for its animals. Among the animals that you'll see at the Salina Zoo at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure include aardvarks, rhinos, orangutans, and a long list of other wildlife species.

Other top places to view some animals in Kansas include the popular Sunset Zoo in Manhattan and the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, which is found back near Wichita. One of the neat things about the Sunset Zoo is the opportunity that visitors get to enter some of the animal pens. It's an experience that many other zoos just don't offer. As for the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you'll see everything there from snow leopards to Blue Mountain lorikeets, and you'll also have plenty of opportunities to even interact with some of the park's animals. Feeding giraffes, riding on the back of a camel, and walking among kangaroos are just some of the things that you can do at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, and you'll be happy to know that the zoo has been breeding and caring for endangered and rare animals for more than two decades now.

Every zoo in Kansas strives hard to provide the most satisfactory living conditions for their animals, and every attempt is made by the different zoos to create environments that are familiar to each animal species. You can expect to see a lot of happy animals at the Kansas zoos, and happy people are familiar sightings as well. Whether you are traveling with kids, are on a romantic getaway, or are traveling around the state by yourself or with some friends, taking some time out to visit a zoo in Kansas is always something to keep in mind.

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