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Planning a vacation to Kentucky can be a fun event that will make you look forward to the many adventures that await you on your trip. While planning out your itinerary and hotel plans are usually relatively enjoyable activities, many people dread finding Kentucky airfare. However, with some basic information at your fingertips, finding Kentucky flights does not have to be an intimidating experience.

Start planning by looking for flights to Kentucky that depart from the city that you live in. If you live near a major metropolitan area, you will most likely see that there is a variety of Kentucky flights scheduled several times a day. You can take flights to Kentucky on virtually every American carrier, such as Continental, Northwest, American Airlines, and Delta. Each airline offers certain incentives or discounts depending on your time of travel, so be sure to check around for cheap flights to Kentucky before purchasing your tickets.

To find cheap flights to Kentucky, fly into Lexington or Louisville. These are the major international airports in Kentucky and are served by all major American carriers. Since there are so many flights operating from these airports, you’ll have the best chance of finding Kentucky airfare at a reasonable price.

Cheap flights to Kentucky are easier to find after Labor Day when tourism is at a low for the season. Winter is also a more enjoyable time to fly because flights will be less full, allowing you a better opportunity to stretch out and relax during your flight. Besides finding cheaper Kentucky flights, taking advantage of winter travel may bring you better luck when you search for cheap hotels in Kentucky. There will also be fewer crowds at area attractions and museums, which mean less waiting in line for you and your family.

Visitors should know that airlines tend to overbook flights incase people don’t show up. If everyone does show up, they regularly re-accommodate passengers on other flights to Kentucky. Often, the people that get bumped off the flights to Kentucky are the people who checked in last. Make sure to check in for Kentucky flights well in advance to decrease the likelihood that you will get bumped to another flight if yours is overbooked.

If you plan on renting a car, airport car rental facilities are convenient options. Once you arrive in Kentucky, just direct yourself to the car rental counter of your choice and pick up your car on-site. For the best deals on car rentals in Kentucky car rentals, be sure to book your car ahead of time.

Finding Kentucky airfare is fairly simple thanks to the two large cities of Louisville and Lexington. Once your Kentucky flight plans are taken care of, you are free to embark on a vacation that will be full of memories for years to come.

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