Bardstown Kentucky

Bardstown Kentucky is known as the Bourbon capital of the world. The town is full of charm and cultural heritage that makes Bardstown travel distinctly unique. A Bardstown vacation is perfect for any one studying the Civil War, as there are many museums and old rail roads that document the time period.

Start your Bardstown travel experience with a trip to the Civil War Museum, one of the most popular Bardstown attractions. It is here where you can learn about how the Civil War started, its effect on the nation, and who the major players were. The Bardstown Kentucky museum contains more artifacts than any other museum in the state. You can see uniforms that soldiers wore, important historical documents, weapons, and battle flags.

Most people don’t fully realize the important role that women played during the Civil War. At the Women of the Civil War Museum, visitors can learn about the different roles that women took during the Civil War, including spies, nurses, and secret soldiers. There are interesting artifacts on display, including journals that women kept and uniform pieces.

Further your history lesson with a stroll through Old Bardstown Village, which is a recreation of a frontier village with cabins that date back all the way to the seventeen hundreds.

Whiskey is of primary importance in Bardstown Kentucky history, and the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History can attest to this. Oscar Getz was a famous distiller and the museum displays some of his liquor memorabilia and documents whiskey from the seventeen hundreds until today. Visitors will be surprised when they learn how Americans found ways around the restrictive period of prohibition. George Washington’s mill stone and Carrie Nation’s hatchet are also on display.

If you’re a true fan of whiskey, visiting the Jim Beam American Outpost on your Bardstown Vacation is a must. Sample some well aged bourbon while learning about the history behind the Jim Beam brand of whiskey. In addition to enjoying the 200 year old distillery, you can visit the Beam family home and see how America’s most prolific whisky producers lived.

Your Bardstown vacation should also include a visit to the Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center. Visitors can receive a lesson on bourbon tasting in the barrel-shaped tasting room. There are several other Bardstown Attractions where visitors can sample bourbon and learn about Kentucky’s bourbon making past.

The vibrant town of Bardstown invites people from out of town to come and enjoy its events and festivals that happen every month. Every Saturday from June until October visitors can participate in the Bardstown Ghost Trek. The ghost walk lasts for a frightening 45 minutes and highlights some of the haunting occurrences in the town of Bardstown, including ghosts from the Civil War.

If you like antiques, you’re in luck. In addition to all of the exciting Bardstown attractions you will encounter, the city also has dozens of antique shops in its historical downtown shopping area. The downtown is also home to art galleries that house modern photography and glass blowing, as well as old bookshops where you may find a treasure or two. The overall feeling of the downtown is special. No two shops or galleries are alike, and any Bardstown travel enthusiast will get the sense that the region is brimming with history.

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