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Visiting Bardstown is like stepping back into history. The town is full of Civil War memorabilia, including several Civil War monuments, sites and museums. Bardstown is also known as Kentucky’s bourbon capital. With so many fascinating historical lessons to learn in the town of Bardstown, it is no wonder why so many people choose to vacation there.

If you’ve decided what kind of attractions to check out on your next vacation, the next step is to find Bardstown accommodation. Bardstown hotels are anything but ordinary. You can find historical Bardstown lodging that is reminiscent of the style of the early 1800’s in one of many bed and breakfast hotels in the area.

The Beautiful Dreamer Bed and Breakfast is a top pick in Bardstown accommodation because of its unique location right across from My Old Kentucky Home, which is a former plantation and was the inspiration for Stephen Foster’s famous song. Each room is different in the hotel, but they all feature unique decorations and amenities that will make your stay comfortable. The Captain’s Room is an all time favorite. The room is decorated with Dutch accents and is complete with a fireplace and a hot tub. The bed and breakfast is truly a fantastic choice if you’re interested in Bardstown hotels with a view.

There is a lovely variety of Bardstown Kentucky hotels right in the historical area of Bardstown. The Bourbon Cottage was built back in 1830 and has been successfully restored as the perfect Bardstown lodging option for families who want something different from typical hotels. Unlike other Bardstown hotels, the Bourbon Cottage offers a fully furnished unit with a kitchen. The Bardstown accommodation is available for $100-$200 per night, depending on the time of year. As with all Bardstown lodging facilities, it is best to check with the hotel ahead of time to inquire about the price.

When searching for Bardstown Kentucky hotels to stay in, most vacationers don’t consider the possibility of staying overnight in a jail. At the Jailers Inn Bed and Breakfast, you can do just that. Guests at the Inn won’t feel like they’re in jail while staying in one of the beautifully decorated guest rooms, which have been restored from their original prison appearance. The guest rooms near the front of the jail have been renovated, but the back of the jail remains just as it was in 1874 and offers visitors the chance to see the iron bars on the windows and 30 inch thick walls that kept prisoners contained up until the late 1980’s.

Once you have found your ideal Bardstown accommodation, be sure to check out the Civil War Museum. The museum is the perfect place to see historical memorabilia from the Civil War time period. You also won’t want to miss all of the sites that have to do with Kentucky bourbon, such as the Jim Beam American Outpost.

Whether you’re a Civil War history buff or not, Bardstown Kentucky hotels offer the entire family a unique experience that is anything but typical.

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