Frankfort Kentucky

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky and is known as a history lover’s paradise. You’ll enjoy taking a Frankfort vacation any time of year thanks to the fascinating variety of historical sites, museums, and a nature reserve.

A visit to the Kentucky Historical Society is a must on any Frankfort vacation. The museum’s main purpose is to present the history of Kentucky in an interesting way that will appeal to people of all ages. The museum achieves this goal by featuring several fascinating exhibits that are worth exploring as you tour Kentucky. The museum shows what it was like the live on the Kentucky Frontier in the late seventeen hundreds and how the Great Depression and World War II influenced the state’s development and its people. One of the most interesting exhibits at the museum is called “Pure Kentucky.” This exhibit presents artifacts from famous historical figures in Kentucky’s past. Including the Historical Society in your Kentucky travel plans is the best way for both adults and children to learn about Kentucky history in an enjoyable way.

Two of the buildings in Frankfort KY are listed in the National Historic Register. These Frankfort Kentucky treasures include the Old State Capitol and the Old State Arsenal, both popular places to stop on Kentucky tours. The buildings were built in the mid 1800’s and have been beautifully preserved throughout the years.

To include even more historical stops to your Frankfort travel experience, visit the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History. Most Frankfort KY tourists are amazed when they learn what a rich and varied history Kentucky has.

You can also visit the famous burial grounds of Daniel Boone and his wife. If you don’t remember from your history books, Daniel Boone was an Appalachian Mountain explorer who opened up a westward trail and led thousands of settlers to present day Missouri.

Liberty Hall is the home of the pioneer senator of Kentucky, John Brown, and was built in 1796. A tour through this famous Frankfort KY historical site will reveal a diverse range of antiques that help tell story of Kentucky history and enhance your Frankfort travel journey. After you’re done with your tour, be sure to visit the boxwood and perennial gardens on the Liberty Hall grounds. The adjacent Kentucky River is one of the most scenic Kentucky rivers in the entire state.

A great way to wrap up your Frankfort vacation is by visiting the Clyde E. Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary, operated by the National Audubon Society. The Frankfort Kentucky center is set amongst 374 acres in a beautiful forest that runs along the Kentucky River. You can hike on the easy grade Kentucky hiking trails or search for fossil imprints that are frequently found in the limestone.

There are many places to stay on a Frankfort vacation, including quaint bed and breakfasts and more luxurious hotels. Many Frankfort Kentucky hotels date back to over one hundred years and offer guests the chance to learn about history while relaxing at the hotel. No matter where you decide to stay, you’ll love the leisurely atmosphere that Frankfort travel offers.

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