History of Kentucky

The history of Kentucky is full of fascinating dates, events, and sites. Kentucky history books are loaded with information that details the lives of early explorers, the events of the Civil War, and how the state became admitted to the Union back in 1792. A trip to Louisville, Lexington, and other cities in Kentucky will reveal a number of attractions that will help any visitor better understand Kentucky state history.

The history of Kentucky can be experienced first hand with a trip to Bardstown. You can learn facts about Kentucky and the Civil War at the Civil War Museum. Uniforms of soldiers, battle flags, and other memorabilia provide a look into the history of Kentucky. While you can certainly learn facts about Kentucky in any textbook, the history doesn’t come to life until you view real life journals from soldiers who fought on the battle grounds.

A trip to Frankfort Kentucky will also reveal some historical facts about Kentucky. Visit the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky history to learn details about Kentucky history, such as why the state is referred to as “The Bluegrass State.” There is a genealogical center at the museum that allows visitors access to official Kentucky history state documents. If you have any ancestors that were involved with the Civil War, you may be able to find out about them here.

Another fascinating aspect of Kentucky state history that you may want to explore is bourbon making. People have been making this popular alcoholic drink in Kentucky for 200 years. Taking Kentucky tours of bourbon distilleries is a great way to learn about Kentucky state history and its bourbon making history with the help of an experience tour guide or bourbon historian. If you would like to taste bourbon and compare the different flavors, there are several Kentucky festivals that are geared around bourbon tasting.

Besides being rich in the history having to do with civilization, the state of Kentucky is full of geologic history. Mammoth Cave is the world"s largest cave system and is located in Kentucky. Visitors to this natural geologic wonder can take a hike inside the cave with tour guides and learn how the caves were formed. They will also learn other facts about Kentucky, such as why the cave was once a good hiding spot for bank robbers and other outlaws.

The Kentucky Derby is an event that takes place each May at the Churchill Downs race track in Louisville and is known as a paramount event in the history of Kentucky. Every year, three year old thoroughbred race horses compete in a two minute race that will determine their stardom. The Kentucky Derby Museum features several informative exhibits and behind the scenes tours that will highlight the history of horse racing in Kentucky.

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