Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Derby history dates back all the way to the year 1875 when fourteen Thoroughbred horses took part in a racing event that would become an important part of Kentucky history. Since this time, Kentucky Derby horse racing has been one of the main reasons people decide to take Louisville vacations every May. If you don’t have Kentucky Derby Tickets, you can still check out the Kentucky Derby museum which is open all year long. Many people don’t realize the years of hard work and training that goes into producing Kentucky Derby winners. A trip to the Kentucky Derby Museum will satisfy your curiosity as you learn about the three year old thoroughbred horses that have competed in past Kentucky Derby horse racing events. You will learn about current and past Kentucky Derby participants through a collection of informative exhibits, films, and displays.

A Kentucky Derby Museum favorite is the “Riders Up” exhibit. The exhibit simulates what it is like to ride real Kentucky Derby horses. The challenge is to see if you can stay on the horse for two minutes, the time it takes for the horse and jockey to race one lap of Churchill Downs.

You can learn about past Kentucky Derby Winners such as Seattle Slew and War Admiral at the “Horses, their Owners, and Trainers” exhibit. Children especially enjoy picking up the phones and hearing about the thoroughbred horses that have made Kentucky Derby History.

The Kentucky Derby Museum also has an extensive collection of hats that have been worn by famous people. It is a tradition at the Kentucky Derby for women to show off their own hat designs on the Saturday of the race. Hat designs range from brightly colored elaborate hats that stand a foot tall to more conservative French style hats that were popular in the early 1900’s.

The museum even offers Kentucky Derby tours that take visitors behind the scenes. The Barn and Backside Van tour will make you feel like a jockey as you explore behind the scenes areas of Churchill Downs, such as the stalls of Kentucky derby winners. If you’d rather walk, consider taking the Behind the Scenes Walking Tour. One of the highlights of the tour is a chance to see Millionaire’s Row, a select seating area for U.S. presidents, royalty, and other famous celebrities.

You can find Kentucky Derby accommodations near the Churchill Downs race track at a range of prices. For the cheapest options in Louisville lodging, visit the museum sometime during the winter when Kentucky tourism is at a low.

Your family will have a great time learning about Kentucky Derby history at the museum. Besides watching Kentucky Derby horse racing, there are other things to do in Louisville that will complete your vacation. While you are taking a Louisville vacation, be sure to check out some of the other fun Kentucky vacation spots such as the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Louisville Zoo.

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