Kentucky Derby Tickets

The Kentucky Derby is by far the most famous event in Kentucky history. Every year since 1875, thoroughbred horses have been competing at the Churchill Downs race track in an event that is known as the most exciting two moments in sports history. There are several ways to purchase tickets to the event, including the most popular option, Kentucky Derby infield tickets. For the most options in cheap Kentucky Derby Tickets, start looking for tickets early or buy them on the day of the race. Purchasing your Kentucky Derby tickets in advance could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

While getting reserved seats at the Kentucky Derby is difficult because of the popularity of the event, cheap Kentucky Derby tickets can be found on the day of the race. While you won't be provided with a place to sit down, you will be able to watch the race from the infield or paddock area. These cheap Kentucky Derby tickets provide the best way to see the race if you haven't had time to plan in advance. Make sure to get to Churchill Downs early, because the lines to purchase tickets can be extremely long. Arriving at the Kentucky Derby early will also improve your chances of getting a good seat. The gates to Churchill Downs open at 8:00 a.m.

If you want to experience a Mardi Gras-like setting while watching the racing, Kentucky Derby infield tickets are the way to go. This area has the most mint juleps being served out of any other area in the park. Every year, over 80,000 people purchase Kentucky Derby infield tickets in order to experience the energy that the excitement of horse racing can create. You can purchase these Kentucky Derby tickets at the gate or as a part of Kentucky Derby packages that local Louisville hotels offer.

If you have children, be aware that the Kentucky Derby Infield tickets are usually purchased by adults who like to let loose and party, resulting in a sometimes chaotic and drunken atmosphere. For a more family friendly spot to watch the race, consider purchasing Kentucky Derby tickets at the "Turn 1" area of the infield or the paddock area. This is a great place to have a picnic and discuss the results of the races without being trampled upon.

Cheap Kentucky Derby tickets aren't hard to find but you may want to think about packages. Kentucky Derby packages are great options for those looking to couple their food and lodging with admission to the Derby. The prices for the Kentucky Derby packages will depend on the type of seating available. There are packages available which include Kentucky Derby tickets in the first, second, and third floor seating areas and even the exclusive Millionaire's Row. Expect to pay thousands of dollars for three days at the event and Louisville lodging. Even though Kentucky Derby packages can be expensive some people love the fact that they can leave the planning of their trip to someone else.

Make sure to get to Louisville early to check out the events going on at the Kentucky Derby Festival. Take in a concert performed by top performers, eat some southern style specialties such as barbeque ribs, and watch a boat race. Besides the festival scene, there are so many other things to do in Louisville, including a visit to the Tom Sawyer Park or Six Flags Kentucky.

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