Kentucky Hiking Trails

Kentucky hiking is a popular pastime because of the state’s unique cave structures along with plentiful amounts of lakes and rivers. From challenging trails through caverns to Kentucky backpacking trails on the Cumberland River, hiking in Kentucky is something that the entire family can enjoy.

Kentucky hiking enthusiasts enjoy hiking in the Daniel Boone National Forest because it features 500 miles of developed trails for the intermediate hiker.

Kentucky hiking trails that run along the Red River Gorge Geological area are popular options for intermediate to more advanced hikers. Rock ledges and natural stone arches are characteristic of this Kentucky hiking area. The two mile Auxier Ridge Trail provides a good opportunity to see amazing vistas.

The Courthouse Rock and Double Arch Trail offers a beautiful view of the Red River Gorge along with a double arch boulder formation. Without a doubt, the trail is known to offer some of the best hiking in Kentucky. The best time to hike this trail is in the spring and summertime when temperatures stay a manageable 60-80 degrees. Hikers should be warned that wintertime trail temperatures can get all the way down to ten degrees.

The Mammoth Cave Park Long Loop Kentucky hiking trails run along the hollows and ridge tops of the world’s larges cave system. Visitors to the limestone caves can hike inside the caves by taking a variety of special tours designed for hikers. Above ground, there are over 70 hiking trails where wildflowers, creeks, and waterfalls can be seen. Both the underground and aboveground trails are suitable for intermediate hikers, and comfortable shoes fit for hiking in Kentucky caves are recommended.

If you plan to check out Kentucky hiking trails in the Louisville area, check out the Bernheim Forest Trails. Most of the trails in the Bernheim Forest system are relatively short hike that feature many climbs and descents and take you right to the center of the hardwood forest.

On top of the ridges along Kentucky Lake is the North-South Trail, which is one of the best Kentucky backpacking trails. This 65 mile long Kentucky hiking trail passes a mismash of old cemeteries, old abandoned sheds, and other markers of the past. Hikers should be aware that many of the bridges on the creeks that run through the hiking trails are relatively unstable. Because of this, it is recommended that only experienced hikers use the trail. For $10 a year, you can buy a permit to camp anywhere along the trail.

Kentucky backpacking trails are plentiful in the Bluegrass state. The popular destination of Yahoo Falls, which is known as the highest waterfall in Kentucky, features an “Overnight Loop” hiking trail that goes along a stretch of the Big South Fork River corridor that meets up with Lake Cumberland. These short paths eventually enter the Daniel Boone National Creek and pass Yahoo Arch. Visitors who plan to hike for more than one day should have some experience in hiking and have the proper gear to ensure their comfort and safety on the trails.

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