Kentucky Museums

Kentucky has a rich historical and cultural heritage, and visitors to Kentucky can immerse themselves in its history by visiting one—or several—of the excellent Kentucky museums.

Kentucky Museum

One of the most well known Kentucky museums, the Kentucky Museum claims to collect Kentucky with exhibitions primarily about Kentucky's history. Visitors to this museum in Kentucky can learn more about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln's early years, politics, and the South Union Shakers, among other topics, and view historical artifacts related to these formative years in Kentucky history.

Louisville Slugger Museum

Home of the world's largest baseball bat, this museum in Kentucky houses a factory where the Louisville Slugger, the official baseball bat of Major League baseball, is made. One of the must-see Louisville museums for baseball fans, visitors to the Louisville Slugger museum can tour the factory and watch the famous baseball bats being made.

Louisville Science Center

The Louisville Science Center is one of the Louisville museums that are perfect for families. Explore the kid-friendly exhibits, including The World Around Us (natural sciences), The World We Create (a celebration of creative thinking), and The World Within Us (life sciences and health), in addition to seasonal special exhibits.

Kentucky Derby Museum

Although closed for restoration due to a flood in August 2009, the Kentucky Derby Museum plans to re-open in April 2010. One of the most famous Louisville museums, the Kentucky Derby Museum sits on the front steps of the historic racetrack, Churchill Downs. Visitors will be able to see new exhibits about the history of the race and famous competitors in the Kentucky Derby.

Patton Museum

Deriving its name from the famous World War II General George Patton, the Patton Museum is one of the most popular Kentucky museums. Located in Fort Knox, the museum houses many of Patton's personal effects, as well as a collection of military artifacts, including cavalry equipment and armored vehicles.

National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum celebrates and preserves the history of America's sports car, as they say. With more than 50 Corvette models and concept cars, Corvette-lovers will definitely want to check out this museum in Kentucky.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky aims to educate visitors about the source of flight, the history of aviation, and the aviation industry's career potential for young people, and it's well worth a stop for anyone interested in science or flight.

Shaker Museum

The Shaker Museum at Union Square is one of the most interesting historical Kentucky museums. Visitors can learn firsthand about the Shaker way of life, as well as stay overnight at the historic Shaker Tavern.

Frazier Historical Arms Museum

This Louisville museum brings together the British Armory Collection as well as its own extensive collection of historical American arms and related artifacts. Costumed interpreters and educational programming make it a great place to bring your family.

Kentucky Railway Museum

At this museum in New Haven, visitors can take a ride on a restored historic passenger train, and learn about the train's significance in Kentucky history. The museum is a perfect stop for anyone who loves trains, and families on vacation will find it a great place to visit with the kids.

Visitors looking for a free Kentucky museum may want to check out the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Louisville Nature Center, and the Jeffersontown Historic Museum, among others.

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