Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium is located just a few minutes away from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is one of the main attractions built for the shopping and entertainment complex, Newport on the Levee. This aquarium in Newport Kentucky features more than 70 exhibits and fourteen galleries with marine animals including sharks and alligators. It is a great place to bring your family for a day of education and fun, and with Newport Aquarium coupons available from supermarkets or online, as well as group discounts, a trip to the Newport Aquarium can be surprisingly affordable.

Visitors to the aquarium in Newport Kentucky can experience a walk through 85 feet of underwater tunnels that meander through a shark tank that features creatures such as tiger sharks up to ten feet in length, black-tip reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, and nurse sharks. The Newport Aquarium has the only Shark Ray breeding program in the world, and visitors can see two of these extremely rare sharks in the shark tank. After the walk through the tunnel, visitors can also glimpse the shark tank from above in an outdoor viewing area. Tourists interested in learning more about sharks can also visit Shark Central, an exhibit where visitors touch the sharks and learn how to pet them properly. Petting the sharks is a safe but exciting activity that's perfect for kids.

Another popular exhibit at the Newport Aquarium is the Kroger Kingdom of Penguins. Visitors can watch king penguins and the rare gentoo penguins as they frolic in their wintry habitat. With one of the few gentoo penguin breeding programs in the country, the aquarium in Newport Kentucky recently hatched two chicks, who can be seen in close proximity to their parents at the exhibit. In the summer, African penguins are featured in a free penguin parade every morning, fifteen minutes after the aquarium's opening time. These warm-weather penguins love to play and frolic as a tour interpreter shares fun facts about penguins.

At the Rainforest exhibit, visitors can watch the cute and cuddly Asian small-clawed otters, colorful lorikeets, and two Burmese pythons, while at the Gator Bayou, visitors can watch on a bridge equipped with transparent viewing panels as alligators swim beneath them. Visitors interested in strange and dangerous creatures will enjoy the Bizarre and Beautiful exhibit, with some of the most unusual creatures on the planet, including the giant pacific octopus, as well as the Dangerous and Deadly exhibit, which features piranhas, electric eels, and poison dart frogs.

Budget-minded families and visitors to the Newport Aquarium may want to consider the annual pass if they wish to visit the aquarium often during the year or are planning multiple Kentucky vacations. The pass includes unlimited visits to the aquarium and discounts for guest tickets and purchases at the aquarium restaurants. In addition many Newport Aquarium coupons are available to help discount the cost of full price tickets. Discount tickets are available from Kroger stores in the Cincinnati area. Travelers to Kentucky who have visited other museums or the popular Louisville Zoo are sure to find the aquarium is well-worth the trip to Newport, and the numerous Cincinnati hotels ensure they should have little trouble finding a place to stay.

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