Paducah Kentucky

Paducah Kentucky is a medium sized city that offers a warm weathered atmosphere full of attractions, all in a small town environment. Paducah travel guides often point out the city’s summer festivals and unique art galleries as some of the fun things to see on Paducah vacations.

Visit downtown and lowertown Paducah Kentucky to shop in interesting antique shops, unique clothing stores, and find the perfect Paducah travel souvenir. Small art galleries also line the streets and add to the visual interest of the town. You won’t see generic looking buildings and anonymous strip malls in downtown Paducah Kentucky. Rather, many of the buildings are historical and each has a character of their own.

Paducah vacations are especially fun to take over the weekend. Two of the downtown streets are blocked off every Saturday to accommodate an event called “Downtown After Dinner.” This street dance event is the perfect way to let lose after a day of Paducah travel and sightseeing.

Visiting museums and historical Paducah attractions are great ways to spend your Paducah vacations. The River Heritage museum is worth a visit. Visitors will learn about the history of four Kentucky rivers in the Paducah Kentucky area and see how a model steamboat works.

Recreation is valued by residents of Paducah. This is reflected in the 14 different public parks located in the city. Noble Park is the largest and isn’t your average run-of-the mill park. Walk around the five acre lake or challenge your opponent to a game of tennis. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds, and a skateboarding park designed specifically with teenagers in mind.

Paducah vacations are full of fun summer Kentucky festivals. The four-day Paducah Summer Festival ranks among the top pick of Paducah attractions. Some of the activities that are fun for children include a Hot Wheels race and an Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest. Learn how to quilt and do crafts at the activities that the National Quilt Museum has set up. There is also a swimming race across the Ohio River.

Local Bluegrass bands can be heard every night of the summer festival. Even if you aren’t a fan of this particular type of music, the laid-back atmosphere of the festival guarantees a good time for all.

You definitely won’t go hungry at the festival because of the variety of food vending option, ranging from BBQ spare ribs to sweet frozen treats. Be sure to browse the offerings of unique jewelry, handicrafts, and other accessories sold at the festival.

Paducah travel is a unique experience for Kentucky tour groups and families. Paducah attractions and festivals are perfect to visit all year because of the warm weather and friendly small town atmosphere.

Paducah Kentucky


Paducah Kentucky is a medium sized city that offers a warm weathered atmosph...

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