Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge, lying vast and deep in the eastern central portion of Kentucky, is a beautiful canyon system with rocky outcroppings, natural bridges and arches, sandstone cliffs, and picturesque waterfalls marking the façade of the scenic landscape. Choosing accommodations within the Red River Gorge region, while moderately few in number, promises comfort with breathtaking views and close proximity to a variety of activities, including bird watching, hiking, and climbing. Whatever enjoyment has called visitors into the forested regions of the Red River Gorge, it is best to familiarize oneself with cautions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience, including a most important safety precaution with the local animals, more specifically, bears. If food is to be carried or prepared during any journey into the region, be sure to pack food in bear proof containers and store any unconsumed food suspended on a bear pole, from a tree, or in a hard top vehicle, and upon exiting the forest, all discarded food must be deposited in a bear-safe dumpster.

Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

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Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

Booking a cabin rental for a Red River Gorge vacation is an excellent option for every traveler. Generally nestled amidst the exquisite scenery, these accommodations offer more seclusion, privacy, and spectacularly breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Large groups could benefit from the liberal space, which usually accommodates five or more people quite comfortably. Additionally, guests can look forward to finding specials and tour deals with several of the cabin rental companies to go along with their visit.

Red River Gorge Camping

Red River Gorge Camping
Red River Gorge Camping

Campgrounds of all types are scattered throughout the region of Red River Gorge. Back country or primitive camping is allowed in the Red River Gorge region anywhere out of site of roads, marked paths, and water sources - and these provide instant access to wilderness hiking. Camping rules are subject to change, so be sure to check bulletins and notices before heading out on any expedition that may involve camping activities. Camping within the Daniel Boone National Forest requires an overnight permit, which can be obtained for a nominal fee. Official campgrounds with sites, ranging from basic tent sites to fully equipped RV sites, offer the comfort of showers, restrooms, and electricity and water at some.

Red River Gorge Climbing

Red River Gorge Climbing
Red River Gorge Climbing

Striking scenery and geological wonders of towering cliffs jutting out of deep valleys, all blanketed in dense forest, span the territory of Red River Gorge, making it a marvel to explore. Rock climbers gravitate to this region in particular for the lofty cliffs. In addition to the main Red River Geological Area within the Daniel Boone National Forest, the area boasts of many other great climbing destinations, including a variety of locations in and around Natural Bridge State Park and the Muir Valley Arena, both considered part of the Red River Gorge. The most difficult and popular of these climbs is known as the Motherlode. Climbing tours and lessons are available for new climbers or those who need partners. Many climbers often stop in for extra gear or to meet with other climbers at a local pizzeria, called Miguel’s Pizza, which is owned and operated by an expert climber, Miguel Ventura.

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