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A vacation in Kentucky is like no other. The state features a world renowned horse racing track, lakes and rivers perfect for fishing and boating, and a network of caves worthy of exploring. With all of the things to do in Kentucky, it"s no wonder why Kentucky tourism is at an all time high.

Louisville is also one of the most popular Kentucky vacation spots. Kentucky tourism really takes off in the spring and summer thanks to the many events and festivals that take place in Louisville. The summer festival season kicks off in May with the Kentucky Derby at the Churchill Downs horse racing track.

Two weeks of exciting festivities take place prior to the Kentucky Derby, including fireworks displays, restaurant specials, balloon races, and other fun events for both children and adults. There are many Kentucky tours that will highlight some of Louisville"s most popular pre-Derby events.

Once the Kentucky Derby starts, be prepared for a horse racing extravaganza like no other. June is also a fun month to visit Louisville because of the Greek Festival and Waterside Festival. The Greek festival celebrates Greek heritage by offering an array of live bands, authentic food and crafts, and family activities. The Waterside Festival in downtown Louisville is on of the most perfect Kentucky vacation spots for those who like arts, crafts, and live music. A vacation in Kentucky during the summer is truly the perfect way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the state"s unique culture.

June is perfect for Kentucky tourism because of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, which is the largest Shakespeare event in the country. The event is very popular with Kentucky tours because of its location in Central Park in the Louisville Historic District. The historical vibe of the neighborhood is naturally a great place to host the event. Even if you aren"t a Shakespeare enthusiast, stop in at the event for a chance to see fabulous Renaissance costumes and sample delicious food from local vendors. The event is free to the public.

There are many Kentucky vacation spots outside of the big city that will appeal to nature enthusiasts. If you are traveling along the Big South Fork River, take a visit to Yahoo Falls, Kentucky"s highest Water Fall. The rugged Appalachian mountains and the scenic Daniel Boone National Forest are favorite Kentucky vacation spots for adventurous types who enjoy mountain biking and hiking. Not only is the bluegrass state full of camping grounds and state parks, but the central part of Kentucky is also home to Mammoth caves. The Mammoth Caves are a network of caves that visitors can explore while on one of the popular Kentucky Tours.

One of the best things about Kentucky tourism is that it"s in full swing all year long. The holiday season is the perfect time to take vacation in Kentucky because of the fun events going on. If you"re family enjoys bringing in the holiday season with some cheer, head to downtown Lexington for "Holiday Live." This free event takes place in late November and features holiday music, children"s story book characters, and a fun array of community building activities that both tourists and local families will enjoy. Stay in Lexington a bit longer to experience the Lexington Christmas Tree Lighting which has taken place ever since the early 20th century. Your entire family will get into the holiday spirit as they enjoy sipping hot chocolate and watching an enormous Christmas tree light up Triangle Park in downtown Lexington.

If you"re a museum enthusiast, consider finding Kentucky tours that take place during the fall and the winter. Kentucky museums tend to be less crowded during the winter and still offer the same unique exhibits that are popular during other times of the year. The Shaker Museum at South Union is on the land of a former shaker community that was founded back in the early 18 hundreds. Learning about the history of the Shaker community will take place by exploring the artifacts that the community once created or used, such as butter churns, tapestry, and furniture. History buffs will appreciate the written documents that provide an insight into how the Shaker people lived their lives in Kentucky.

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