Louisiana is best known for the city of New Orleans and its history, both good and bad. The Louisiana Tourism Board recently made headlines by helping the hurricane-ravaged city get back on its feet. Now it aims to show the country and the world that the state of Louisiana is ready to take on the tourism boom again. Starting with their slogan, "Come and fall in love with Louisiana all over again", the Louisiana Tourism Board focuses on the beauty, culture depth and history Louisiana is famous for. With the cities rebuilt and raring to go, you won’t be disappointed. With all this excitement, planning a vacation to Louisiana is something you will want to do over and over again.

So, what is there to do in Louisiana? More than you think! When planning Louisiana vacations, you have several regions to choose from. Each region has large cities to visit like Baton Rouge (the capital), New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette and Lake Charles, each with its own flavor and excitement. Louisiana tourism is the lifeblood of many Louisiana travel destinations, so there is a plethora of attractions designed to entertain all visitors from near and far. Louisiana is also home to many festivals and events, like the famous Mardi Gras, and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. You can always find some exciting activities to entertain you and your family in this interesting and diverse state!

Louisiana travel destinations are divided into five regions. The Louisiana Tourism Board describes the state as a "Pirate's Boot" because of its shape, it’s a fun way to look at this historic gem of the south, which borders the Gulf of Mexico, where pirates used to land to hide their treasure!

The first region is the Greater New Orleans region, in the toe of the pirate"s boot. It’s home to the city that is legendary for its famed French quarter, old steamboats plowing down the Mississippi River, young jazz musicians playing on the street corners and the French inspired cuisine like creole, gumbo, pralines, bread pudding and the best beignets this side of Paris. Between the museums, boat tours, plantation tours, casinos, and don't forget the scrumptious Cajun cuisine, there are so many things to do in New Orleans, you won't know where to start. The charming architecture is steeped in French and Spanish roots so that you feel almost like you have arrived in a European city. It's one of the few U.S. cities you will find that has retained this quaint feel.

Cajun Country is the second region of Louisiana, home of the cities Lafayette and Lake Charles, this area stretches along the Gulf of Mexico and the bottom of the "pirate's boot". There are so many examples of living history in this region, like the Acadian Village where they have a recreated city with a doctor’s museum, a blacksmith, and a quaint chapel to see how the first settlers lived in this region. There are also the famous swamp tours, a one of a kind adventure and unlike anything you will see in the U.S.

Plantation country is north of the New Orleans region and the geographic center of Louisiana. Home of the capital city of Baton Rouge, it’s a historical gem of the south. The location of so many plantation homes it is a great way to experience how life was lived in the 1800’s. One of the great Louisiana vacations is a plantation home tour along the Mississippi River and many of the plantation homes offer overnight stays. With so many great restaurants, boat tours, and history that shows what pre-civil war life was like in the south, this is one region on the Louisiana travel “must-see” list.

The Crossroads region is the geographical center of Louisiana. It is full of wildlife and nature. There is an 800,000 acre national forest, a huge reservoir, a beautiful old Bayou to take canoe rides in and an amazing collection of historic plantation homes. This is an area of unspoiled nature full of cabin resorts hotels to take the family fishing, camping or boating. It’s also home to some of the south’s most charming bed and breakfasts and antique shops.

The fifth region is in the northernmost area of the State of Louisiana, known as the Sportsman's paradise and it borders Texas. Here you can find fishing, bird watching and hunting to satisfy the outdoors-man traveler. Home to the city of Shreveport, where you can find many locals and gaming and casinos along the river. There’s also a toy museum in Bernice on a 1938 railway caboose and a historic tavern in the steamboat town of Columbia.

Listen to the music, take in the history, and enjoy the nature, but most of all don’t forget to eat! Cajun and Creole food that is distinct and original to the State of Louisiana is a taste you will never forget! Louisiana vacations are sure to delight, entertain, relax and inspire.

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