New Orleans Flights

Finding flights to New Orleans is not a difficult task these days, as the push for tourism after the 2005 Hurricane disasters is crucial to the Louisiana economy. Whether it’s visiting the casinos in Shreveport, the fun of Cajun Country in Lafayette and Lake Charles, the beauty of the capital city in Baton Rouge, or the infamous historical New Orleans, you are sure to find several airline schedules that meet your needs.

The major airport in Louisiana, New Orleans has several flights to New Orleans daily to accommodate any city. New Orleans flights leave several times a day, with many connecting through nearby cities of Dallas and Houston, or Memphis and Nashville. There are also airports in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Shreveport and Lafayette, so you are likely to find a flight anywhere in Louisiana you want to go.

New Orleans flights can be had in abundance on American, United, Us Airways and Delta to name a few. For really good deals on New Orleans flights, try Southwest that offer New Orleans flights and packages at great rates. For Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Lafayette, you will need to switch to the secondary carriers like American Eagle and Expressjet. New Orleans flights deals can be checked with your local travel agent as sometimes the internet route can add unnecessary fees and taxes your travel agent can avoid. Plan in advance so you won’t be dealing with the hassle once you arrive.

If you want to travel inside Louisiana there are several smaller carriers. Although if you want to travel between New Orleans and Baton Rouge a rental car might be faster and cheaper as it is only a 1 and ½ hour drive. From New Orleans to Lafayette it is a 2 hour drive. And New Orleans to Lake Charles is a 3 hour drive.

Checking around the internet you can find several cheap flights to New Orleans, especially in conjunction with New Orleans vacation packages. Other New Orleans flight deals can be had if you book in advance, with 30 days being the best rates. Some New Orleans flight deals are to be had on the off peak times lime red-eye or Monday morning, as most people head out Sunday night after a long weekend. If you want to book really cheap flights to New Orleans, try booking during the week or in the summertime (which is off-season). Other cheap flights to New Orleans can be had at many of the “last minute” vacation websites which offer discounted rates a few days prior to departure.

Keep in mind that when booking flights to New Orleans during the big festivals, don’t wait until the last minute, or the prices will be astronomical. Finding New Orleans flight deals during the big events like Mardi Gras and Jazzfest New Orleans is only possible when booked very far in advance or as part of a group tour.

Remember when you book a New Orleans or Louisiana vacation to look at the vacation packages available from your travel agent or online at the many travel sites, for there are some interesting deals to be had if your plan a vacation package that includes, air, hotel and cruises.

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