New Orleans Convention Center

New Orleans Convention Center gatherings are frequently some of the biggest in the country. The Ernest N Morial Convention Center is the sixth-largest convention center of its kind in the entire city and consistently ranks in the top ten for the most busy. This is not difficult to imagine when you consider the fact that the complex comprises over 1 million square feet of space for exhibitions, and over 3 million total square feet for conventions, concerts, and shows.

Convention Center New Orleans
Convention Center New Orleans

Many hotels near the New Orleans Convention Center as well as restaurants, art galleries, and clubs sprouted up as the development of the convention center in the middle part of the 1980s spurred the revitalization and gentrification of areas badly in need of makeovers. It is extremely well located nearby many of the most popular attractions in the city. The New Orleans Convention Center capitalizes on a good portion of the nation’s market for large scale exhibitions and conferences not only because of the accommodating space, but also because of the appeal of staying in New Orleans. If you have to head out of town for business it is after all nice to know that you can head out and enjoy the nightlife and good times in one of the most exciting cities in the entire country.

Planning for the Ernest N Morial Convention Center began in the late 1970s, but the first part of the building was not constructed until 1984 for the Louisiana World Exposition in 1984. Over the past few decades, expansion of the convention center upriver has seen it grow to the size it is today. Now it serves as the nerve center for much of the service and hospitality industry in the city, and has been a huge driver for the development of surrounding areas. The Arts and Warehouse District, for instance, was directly affected by the construction of the New Orleans Convention Center. As a result of the increased tourist traffic, many of the abandoned warehouses and other buildings were transformed into luxury hotels, clubs, restaurants, markets, and bars. There are well over 20,000 rooms just at the hotels near the New Orleans Convention Center and a virtually limitless list of options for excellent dining, entertainment, and shopping.

If you are coming to the New Orleans Convention Center, whether it is for business or for a tradeshow or exhibition of interest to you, be sure to keep some time in your itinerary to get out and explore this vibrant city in the south. Miami and Atlanta have nothing on this city when it comes to a unique range of things to do and places to see. The nightlife is absolutely amazing, the cuisine is distinctive and sumptuous, and the jazz seems to play away all night long. If you are planning to be at one of the Ernest N Morial Convention Center events, you will want to make your plans for accommodations as soon as possible. Hotels near the New Orleans Convention Center, as abundant as they are, fill up quickly when a lot is going on in town.

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