Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Haunted hotels in New Orleans are a part of the mystique of this city that has been around for so long and has seen the unfolding of so much history, some good and some not so good. The elaborate European-style Catholic cemeteries are attractions all on their own in a city with so many other notable attractions. It is not difficult to understand why the history of New Orleans has spawned stories of ghosts and haunting. As such, haunted lodging in New Orleans can be found around the city if you are only bold enough to look to find out where.

The Provincial (pictured) is one of the best known haunted hotels in New Orleans. It is located in the heart of the French Quarter and features two gorgeous private pools, a charming courtyard, and beautifully appointed guest rooms. Onsite parking is available and will enable walking all around the French Quarter and surrounding areas without having to worry about parking. The haunted story at this hotel involves the portion of the accommodation that was once the site of an old Confederate hospital. People have reported seeing ghosts of Confederate soldiers haunting the hallways. If you don’t have a dread fear of the paranormal, you will quickly see that his is one of the most charming hotels in this area of the city as well.

The Andrew Jackson Hotel located in the French Quarter on Royal Street is one of the best haunted bed and breakfasts New Orleans has to offer. It is one of only a couple of hotels within the historic Vieux Carre District. The apparent haunting is the result of five school children that tragically died in a schoolhouse on the premises in the late 1700s. This accommodation looks fitting in the area featuring French-style architecture with wrought iron front terraces and wide courtyards. If you are looking for haunted bed and breakfasts New Orleans is the obvious choice. When it comes to places like the Andrew Jackson, you can be confident that your stay will be comfortable and personal. The attentive customer service staff goes out of their way to make sure that your experience is anything but haunting, but rather memorable in only positive ways. Breakfast is served and included in your stay and the 22 spacious guest rooms will be the perfect setting for an exciting journey to one of the most alluring cities in the U.S.

Haunted lodging in New Orleans is more a legend than a reality and some of the accommodations that are considered haunted hotels in New Orleans happen to be amongst the most alluring in the city. The Lafitte Guest House is one of the most luxurious haunted bed and breakfasts New Orleans has to offer. The accommodation dates back to 1849 and its elegant décor, exemplified in the Courtyard Suites and Mansion Suites, hearken back to old world New Orleans while still offering guests modern conveniences like spa treatments and in-room massages. Located on legendary Bourbon Street, this luxurious accommodation is considered haunting lodging in New Orleans because a little girl who died of yellow fever is rumored to have appeared in the mirror outside of room 21 where her mother apparently lived. Don’t let the legend dissuade you. This is one of the best accommodations for charm, customer service, and location.

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