New Orleans Haunted Houses

New Orleans haunted houses are just one more aspect of this unique city that features everything from Mardi Gras parties to cities of the dead, which are above-ground cemeteries. You can learn about and experience haunted New Orleans in a variety of ways. There are a number of New Orleans haunted tours. Some are of specific areas of town such as the French Quarter, while others take participants on a walking tour through some of the city’s most chilling and scarifying cemeteries. There are also the New Orleans haunted houses. These may be a step up from your usual Halloween night scare factory types of places, but if you want to truly get a fright, just take one of the cemetery tours. Haunted New Orleans not only invites travelers into the creepy side of this Old World city, but also gives a new edge to the history here.

One of the best New Orleans haunted tours is the New Orleans Ghost Tour (pictured). It is a theatrical tour that explores the more haunted, hidden places within the French Quarter where ghosts have been rumored to roam. It is a two-hour tour that is guided by a master storyteller. These are super fun for adults and kids and great tours for the whole family. Nothing too scary on these tours and there is a decidedly historical bent to the story telling.

The New Orleans Cemetery tours are also extremely fascinating. The above ground cities of the dead feature tombs and statues that resemble ornate cemeteries in Europe more so than anything in the United States. The wrought iron gates that encase the plots of families graves give glimpse inside the traditions of this multicultural city that draws inspiration from Spain, France, and local native traditions.

You can also opt for the New Orleans Vampire tours that leave from Jackson Square and journey to the enigmatic and old St. Louis Cemetery. New Orleans haunted tours are truly the best way to get a glimpse inside the haunted stories surrounding the city from an insider’s perspective. The knowledgeable tour guides put the disparate stories into fascinating context allowing first time visitors of New Orleans to not only get their socks scared off, but also to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the city in general.

There are also several New Orleans haunted houses that may be worth your time to check out. The Warehouse of Terror is one such place, located on Route 10 near North Shore. Here you will find the usual shocker displays of crazy zombies and blood-thirsty vampires. The House of Shock is another of the haunted New Orleans houses. This one puts on scary productions three times a night for those interested in the theatrical side of horror. The Asylum Haunted House and the Shadowlands Haunted House are two more places of note for these kinds of destinations. They are all good fun, but be sure to take one of the New Orleans haunted tours of the cemeteries for the best experience.

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New Orleans Haunted Houses

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New Orleans haunted houses are just one more aspect of this unique city that ...


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