Honey Island Swamp

Honey Island Swamp is a pristine, largely pristine river swamp in Southeast Louisiana, near the city of Slidell, just 50 minutes from New Orleans. This impressive swath of land is over 250 square miles, including some 70,000 acres of protected wildlife area. In fact, Honey Island Swamp is Louisiana’s very first Nature Preserve as designated by the Nature Conservancy. Honey Island Swamp tours are very popular for tourists to Louisiana and even people vacationing in New Orleans often make the trip after hearing about the incredible range of wildlife and perhaps even the rumors of a Bigfoot sighting years ago.

This swamp near New Orleans is a unique ecosystem featuring everything from alligators (which number over 1 million in the state of Louisiana) to bald eagles and cougars. Once you get over what may be a little bit of initial fear for getting into a boat surrounded by so many gators, you will realize that it is a safe and guided journey handled by professionals. At this point, you can sit back and take in some of the most amazing wildlife you will likely ever see.

The steamy swamp peppered with cypress trees strewn with moss is the perfect setting for the Honey Island Swamp tours. You can choose from covered or uncovered boats. All of the guides are professionals who have plenty of experience. Many of them are from the area and have expert knowledge of the swamp and its intricacies. All of the boats are regularly inspected to ensure safety of passengers. They are also small boats, giving passengers unrivaled access to the more difficult to reach areas of the swamp. Watch the alligators hum over to the side of the boat as your guide makes a sound and then drops a marshmallow or two in the water for them. This is truly a unique and unforgettable experience.

This swamp near New Orleans is like a wonderland for anyone interested in wildlife and nature. If you happen to have kids who are interested in animals, especially unique and infrequently seen ones, this will be an experience of a lifetime. From feral hogs and raccoons to herons, egrets, owls, and the elusive bald eagle, the vast variety of wildlife will take your breath away. Honey Island Swamp is a place where these species can take refuge. It is amazing to see the breadth of wildlife that actually flocks to such a place. Along with the ubiquitous alligators, otters and a whole array of fish are also found in the river.

Tickets are relatively inexpensive especially considering all that you get to see on this two-hour journey. Honey Island Swamp Tours run all day everyday and many providers offer group discounts and also are willing to help arrange transportation to and from your hotel in New Orleans, or you can make the short trip yourself from any of the Slidell hotels.

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