New Orleans Music

New Orleans music is perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of this city in the south that is known as one of the most unique places in the country. Music courses through the very life blood of the city. After all, what would New Orleans be without Jazz Fest, without a jazz show, or without music flowing through the streets of the French Quarter? Jazz music, blues, and Cajun music in New Orleans are as much a fabric of the society as the laissez-faire style of living and the distinctive cuisine. The musical history in New Orleans tells the story of a multitude of cultures and ideas coming together in soulful and rhythmic ways to create a music scene unlike any other in the United States.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of the significance of music to this city is in its many festivals and concerts. There are New Orleans music events that are staged throughout the year celebrating everything from jazz and blues to rock and roll and R & B. New Orleans has a range of venues large and small, including the House of Blues, New Orleans Arena, and countless jazz clubs where you can regularly catch both the best emerging and established talent anywhere around.

Cajun music in New Orleans is celebrated not only through live performances of the music but also in dance. A very popular pastime in New Orleans is to go out and dance to the Cajun music. This is a really good way to experience the unique side of New Orleans that most times only residents get to experience. There are so many things to do in the city that it is difficult to fit everything in, but you should definitely make it a priority to research and seek out some authentic jazz and Cajun music in New Orleans while on your trip, whether you attend a major festival or wander into a small jazz club.

There are several major New Orleans music events that stand out among all the rest as the most prominent and the most popular. The Jazz and Heritage Festival is celebrated every spring and sees droves of not only locals but tourists filtering in from all over the country to enjoy the music, art, and general good times. Some of the best jazz acts from around the world assemble in one place for this renowned festival. Folks enjoy jambalaya, gumbo, and other traditional favorites, sip a beer, and listen to some of the best jazz music around.

The French Quarter Festival is another exceeding popular event when it comes to New Orleans music. It is often referred to as “the world’s largest block party” and it most certainly lives up to this reputation. With over 200 hours of live entertainment, hundreds of musicians and artisans, near endless food, and entertainment, this is New Orleans at its best.

The Essence Music Festival is another of the major New Orleans music events. It brings together the brightest stars from the world of R & B and hip-hop and has featured artists such as Eminem and the Fugees. From Cajun to jazz, rock to blues, New Orleans music has a little something for everyone.


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