New Orleans Vacation Packages

New Orleans Vacation Packages
New Orleans Vacation Packages

If you are planning a trip to New Orleans, it might be a good idea to look at New Orleans vacation packages. Many internet sites have vacations to New Orleans broken down into vacation packages. If you book in advance, there are also discounted and some cheap New Orleans vacation packages to be found.

The most abundant New Orleans vacation packages come in the form of full air fare combined with hotel. Just by virtue of booking the hotel at the same time you book your air, you receive an automatic discount on those vacations to New Orleans. You can also add on to any of the New Orleans vacation packages a rental car, airport shuttle transfer, New Orleans day tour, area attractions like the Audubon Zoo or the Aquarium of the Americas and even some dining options like dinner at Brennnan’s (highly recommended!). You can also add on to any New Orleans vacation packages a jazz dinner cruise or three day cruise to the Caribbean! Check online or with your travel agent to pick the best option for your scheduled travel dates.

If you are traveling to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you will definitely want to book all of your events in advance and these New Orleans vacation packages are a great way to do it. You will also want to schedule and book a Mardi Gras package with a local restaurant on the parade route. For one price you get food, liquor, grand stand admission, taxes and gratuity, as well as a place in the restaurant with a big window to watch the parades and all the activity go by! For vacations to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, book a restaurant package as well and it will make the overall experience more relaxing and comfortable. But make sure you book early, as these packages sell out quickly.

Cheap New Orleans vacation packages can be had by booking well in advance or booking during the week and off-peak. Summertime in New Orleans is usually hot and humid, but also a good time to get discounted and cheap New Orleans vacation packages. Other ways to find cheap New Orleans vacation packages is to make sure you leave from the largest airport near your home, as smaller airports usually cost more. You can also choose the 3 star hotel for the package instead of the first recommended five or four star hotel. There are also discount internet sites that allow for better prices when travel is booked at the last minute. Some of the hotels offer cheap vacation packages in the summer during off season, like the W Hotel New Orleans that combines discounted hotel rates with a romantic weekend with champagne and chocolate.

There are plenty of New Orleans vacations to choose from by calling your travel agent or checking online. Whatever travel method you choose, remember to allow time to visit the French Quarter, listen to jazz music, take a riverboat cruise along the Mississippi and taste the great food New Orleans offers. There’s nothing that says New Orleans like the great taste of the local cuisine!

New Orleans Vacation Rentals

New Orleans Vacation Rentals

New Orleans vacation rentals are a fantastic alternative to hotels for people who want to have a bit more private and intimate experience, or additional space, while staying in the city. As in most big cities, there are a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. One of the main benefits of going the route of the vacation rental is that you can tailor your vacation experience to your exact specifications. If you need space for a family or a group of friends, choosing a vacation rental or condo allows you to handpick the number of rooms and amenities you need.

Perhaps you have been to New Orleans before and had an amazing time staying at a hotel in the French Quarter. The only problem is that it was just a bit too close to where some of the all-night partying takes place. You want to stay in the French Quarter again, but you realize that staying at a place that provides more serenity could really make the difference on your trip. In this event, one of the vacation homes in New Orleans, a condo, or an apartment may be in order. There is everything from New Orleans luxury vacation rentals to simple but elegant apartments in the French Quarter along the Mardi Gras parade line.

Many people who look into New Orleans vacation rentals do so around the time of the biggest attractions in the city, the Jazz and Heritage Fest and Mardi Gras. What better way to spend Mardi Gras than in the comfort of your own place with your best friends around you. As mentioned before, there are apartments and vacations homes in New Orleans for rent during these peak times when people are most interested in having their own place for the week. Groups of friends can go in on the price of one of the New Orleans luxury vacation rentals and come out relatively unscathed as compared to what they would have had to pay at a luxury hotel in the area during busy times such as these. When you book with other people there are no real downsides to renting vacation homes in New Orleans. The experience is much more personal than at many hotels and you can come and go on your own schedule.

Many of the most popular vacation rentals in the city are those along the Mardi Gras route in the French Quarter. Many love the idea of getting their own apartment, condo, or townhouse along Bourbon Street where they can look out off of their private balcony and throw Mardi Gras beads down into the crowd. This time of the year obviously sees a massive influx of tourists to the city and the hotels are oftentimes packed well in advance. The same applies for popular events like the Jazz and Heritage Festival.

If you are looking into New Orleans vacation rental or even just a hotel room you should definitely make your plans as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and secure decent rates. Prices for all accommodations sky rocket around the most popular festivals and events. New Orleans luxury vacation rental with a group of friends may be the best way to enjoy the craziness and fun of Mardi Gras, or during other parts of the year, to just relax and spend your time in the city in the comfort of your own home away from home.

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