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New Orleans tours are exceedingly popular due in large part to the fact there is just too much to see in this city in one or two week’s time. Arranging tours of the places and attractions that you want to see will help you to make the most of your experience in New Orleans. If you are traveling to New Orleans specifically for massive events like Mardi Gras or the Jazz and Heritage Festival, then you may already have your itinerary pretty well filled. If, however, you are traveling to the city in a non-peak time, you may want to begin looking into which tours are available. Many times you can even save money by booking certain tours along with your hotel accommodations. From New Orleans ghost tours to New Orleans walking tours there is something to peak just about everyone’s excitement in the Big Easy.

Tours in New Orleans
Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans ghost tours are some of the most popular because of the enigmatic nature of the program—what will happen and will the tour actually see a ghost? The answer is that the New Orleans ghost tours are more theater than anything else, but do give tourists a glimpse inside the areas of the city which are claimed to be haunted and where ghost sightings are rumored to have taken place. Every evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., New Orleans ghost tours are moderated by master storytellers that take guests on walking tours of the French Quarter. You also have the option of taking one of the interesting cemetery tours that give you access to the European inspired and longstanding places of rest such as St. Louis Cemetery and more.

New Orleans bike tours are another great way to check out the city and get to all of the attractions you are interested in seeing at your own speed. There are a variety of providers that offer a range of tours and services. One such provider offers New Orleans bike tours that last for three hours and take you around to some of the most significant historical sights, with the aim of giving riders some real insights into the composition of the city. Most of the New Orleans bike tours are meant to be fun as well as informative. You can choose from ones that take you to popular attractions like the cemeteries, French Market, Garden District, and more, or from journeys that cruise the most notable music venues, art galleries, and other such tailored experiences.

Amongst New Orleans tours, those that take people deep into the swamp are also very popular. On the amazing New Orleans swamp tours you are whistled off into the bayou to witness not only authentic Cajun folk living in the swamp, but also a seemingly inexhaustible variety of wildlife. At a place like the Barataria Swamps and Wetlands, you will see a ton of alligators, and even have the chance of witnessing the majestic bald eagle. These are extremely popular New Orleans tours for photographers and lovers of nature who get unrivaled opportunities to snap shots of the gorgeous swamps. From New Orleans bike tours to the swamp to the cemeteries, there is something for everyone to see on their ideal tour in the Big Easy.

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