Voodoo Experience

Voodoo Experience aptly describes this exceedingly popular music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Voodoo Music Festival began in 1999 and since then has grown into one of the biggest festivals in the United States. This is due in large part to the high profile, internationally known artists that perform at the festival each and every year. In the ten plus years of its existence, the festival has hosted over 450 artists and some 1 million attendants. Voodoo Experience tickets are some of the most sought after of any events throughout the year in New Orleans. It is also an arts festival and features the Voodoo Experience Art Market where vendors and artisans sell a wide variety of arts and crafts.

When the Voodoo Music Festival was first held in 1999, it was held at Tad Gormley Stadium and was attended by less than 10,000. That year Wyclef Jean and the Fugees headlined the festival. The next year a certain up and comer named Eminem made a highly anticipated appearance. It so happened that his fame had sky rocketed just prior to the concert in New Orleans on the strength of a hit single. His was one of the biggest Voodoo Experience concerts and the fact that he performed in just the second year of the festival lent credibility to the organizers and the festival and helped it to gain national exposure. Attendance jumped up in the next year and when the festival celebrated its tenth anniversary there were more than 100,000 people rocking City Park in New Orleans. In 1999, the festival was a one-day event featuring smallish stages. In 2006, the Voodoo Experience became a two-day event with six stages and the next year it changed to a three-day event. Demand for Voodoo Experience tickets is such that the festival just keeps growing. The caliber and breadth of the artists is rivaled perhaps only by Bonaroo in the South.

The Voodoo Music Festival is divided up into three distinct areas and six stages that represent different styles and varieties of music and artists that are performing that year. Le Ritual is dedicated to mainstream artists and other pop acts. Past examples of artists that have played these stages are R.E.M., TV on the Radio, and Cold War Kids. Le Flambeau is the place to see local New Orleans talent as well as national acts that are representative of various New Orleans styles of music like jazz and blues. Finally, Le Carnival is where indie bands and burlesque bands perform. One of the best things about the Voodoo Experience is that when you purchase tickets, you have access to a wide variety of different bands. You can buy Voodoo Experience tickets for just one day, two days, or for all three days.

Some of the biggest acts from the world of music and entertainment have graced the stages at this popular festival in New Orleans. From internationally loved legends such as KISS and R.E.M. to some of the most recognizable alternative bands like the Stone Temple Pilots and Nine Inch Nails, many of the biggest hitters make their way to the Big Easy on Halloween weekend for this event.

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