Louisiana Swamp Tours

Louisiana swamp tours, plantation tours, and New Orleans tours are among the most popular activities for tourists. There are many different Louisiana tours to choose from that touch on many different interests and ages. New Orleans is by far the most visited city in Louisiana offering a huge number of things to do when visiting. From New Orleans, just about every kind of tour you can imagine is available, from airboat tours in Louisiana to ghost tours, and much more. With most of the city surrounded by swamp lands, finding a swamp tour is a piece of cake.

Airboat tours in Louisiana offer thrill seekers a chance at the most exciting way to explore the state's ecologically diverse swamps. Airboats come in both small and large designs, offering riders the option to have a boat all to themselves—ideal for a large family—or to take a tour with a group of people. The airboat captain gives a detailed description of wildlife encountered along the way, explains how the swamp's specialized ecosystems works, and talks in length about the different animals seen on Louisiana tours. The airboats spend some time touring the swamp at extremely high speeds, but slow down so tourists can snap pictures of the steady stream of wildlife and other attractions. Stadium seating is installed in some of the airboats available for Louisiana swamp tours, offering an unobstructed view of the scenery.

A large number of Louisiana swamp tours operate about a half-hour outside of New Orleans from summer through fall. Regular swamp tours are operated out of a larger, sightseeing boat that accommodates upwards of fifty people. The slow-moving vessels makes it easy to see the passing attractions in the bayou as well as snakes, birds, alligators, turtles, and other swamp wildlife living in the area. The fully-narrated Louisiana swamp tours offer a vivid history behind Louisiana swamps, a once dark and foreboding place that few dared to wander into.

Most of the large tour companies offer Louisiana plantation tours to historic estates such as Myrtles Plantation. Combination tours are another popular way to go and a great way to see more than just one aspect of the state if one tour is the plan. Pair airboat tours in Louisiana with a plantation tour, New Orleans city tour, or ghost tour. Since Hurricane Katrina, many visitors wish to see the post-Katrina area so these tours are also quite popular during vacations.

There are several self-guided Louisiana tours visitors can take on their own. Tours of state parks are popular with visitors seeking outdoor adventures including fishing, hiking, and camping. Tours of Cajun Country are perfect for exploring Louisiana's historic French influences. Tours of the French Quarter in New Orleans are easily done without a guide too. Visitors opting for guided tours will find most tour rates are very reasonably priced and offer good value for the rate. The variety of tours available in Louisiana each offer detailed insight into the many distinct aspects of the state that combine to create a colorful, interesting, and beautiful destination.

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