Louisiana Vacations

Louisiana vacations can be in the form of almost any type of getaway. Distinct geographical features, an array of cultural factors, and a sweeping history full of diacritical events marks each specific and beautiful region comprising greater Louisiana. Louisiana vacation packages can simplify the costs associated with state tours and activities, and make transportation an easy feat when a car rental is included. From a Louisiana fishing vacation retreats to casinos to outdoor adventures, Louisiana invites tourists to peel back the layers and discover just what the state is about.

The five distinct geographical regions each offer specific activities and all boast a certain Louisiana theme. A Louisiana fishing vacation is an ideal endeavor in Cajun Country, which spans a greater part of the state's southern area. This area is home to the southern coastline bordering the Gulf of Mexico and offering angler's an incredible variety of fishing pursuits. Fishing trips and tours can be included in some Louisiana vacation packages that might also include other activities and things to do. Cajun Country is home to Lake Charles, New Iberia, and numerous wildlife refuges. Outdoor adventure is at every turn in these parts.

The northern state area is another great place for a Louisiana fishing vacation and it also represents every sportsman's dream, as it is aptly named Sportsman's Paradise. Camping, trapping, hunting, hiking, cycling, and boating are only a minute number of activities to enjoy. The northern based parishes of Louisiana boast miles of beautiful rivers, trails, and wooded acres. Kisatchie National Forest is one of the biggest attractions but there are also barbeques and rodeos all over the northwest, urban delights in Shreveport and Monroe, and a host of Civil War battlefields to explore.

Cheap vacations to Louisiana don't have to mean compromising anything, or much at all. Many packages create endless affordable options that can touch on any part of the state, or several areas in one visit. A rental car and an adventurous spirit is all that's needed to explore the many exciting cities, state parks, festivals, and historic attractions. In fact, with little more than a three hour drive from Baton Rouge south to Grand Isle, vacations can sweep across the state, adding more depth to a getaway. Shorter distances mean lower gas expenses, and that, paired with cheap hotels, is one way to cut costs while getting the most from your dollar during Louisiana vacations.

Plantation Country and Greater New Orleans are more regions to visit during Louisiana vacations. New Orleans is filled with attractions, from the historic French Quarter and amazing St. Louis Cathedral to the lush Garden District and Jackson Square. In neighboring Plantation Country, enormous old plantations have transcended time, offering an almost living history of the people and times of these original estates. Spectacular examples are Myrtles Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation, two of the most famous.

Plantation tours, New Orleans tours, and virtually any guided excursions are generally available through Louisiana vacation packages, through travel agents, online, and directly through Louisiana hotels. If you don't find your specific needs available through a package, always be sure to ask, as most requests can be accommodated. With the high concentration of tourists exploring Louisiana, the competition is high. Keep that in mind and bargain for a better deal if you think you can get one. Many vendors and hoteliers will fold simply because of the stiff competition, especially during busy the summer months. And that means more savings for you.

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