Augusta Maine

Have you been planning a visit to Augusta Maine? Here is a bit of history about the area. Augusta Maine, which is situated upon both sides of the Kennebec River, was first inhabited by English settlers from the Plymouth Colony in 1625. In 1827, it became the official state capital. Today, one of the main attractions in Augusta Maine is the Old Fort Western which is located on the east side of the river. It is America's oldest surviving wooden fort. Today, it serves as a reminder of the conflicts between cultures that were once prevalent in New England life. The Fort Western was constructed in 1754 by the Kennebec Proprietors. This Boston-based company wanted to settle the lands along the Kennebec River that had been granted to the Pilgrims more than a century earlier.

The Kennebec Proprietors as well as the Province of Massachusetts were interested in expanding their influence in the area so that Britain and her colonies could take political control of North America. They also wanted to sever what they perceived as close ties between the Abenaki Indians and the French Canadians.

During the American Revolution in 1775, Benedict Arnold used Fort Western as a staging point for his assault on Quebec. He stayed in the area for a few weeks. After the War, Old Fort Western became a store and private residence. Today, the store and house are interesting attractions in Augusta Maine. The store exhibit contains farming tools that were essential to life on the new settlement. The house contains some of the original furniture. Be sure to take a look around when you visit Augusta Maine.

Another one of the historic attractions in Augusta Maine is the nearby town of Hallowell, which is sometimes described as “the gem of the Kennebec.” The ambiance of this town is reminiscent of a quaint old world village. Hallowell is famous for its blend of artisans, musicians and life long residents. Water Street is full of galleries, antique shops and fine restaurants. There are also a number of historic houses that you might want to see when you visit Augusta, Maine.

The Pine Street State Arboretum is one of the more beautiful attractions in Augusta Maine. A few of the trees in the Arboretum have been grown from trees that traveled on the space shuttle! The Pine Street State Arboretum also has a plant collection that contains over 300 species or varieties of trees and shrubs. You will also want to check out the beautiful Daughters of The American Revolution Historical Gardens.

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