Bangor Day Trips

Situated casually along the Penobscot River is the third largest city in Maine - Bangor. Once a thriving lumber port, this is the last town travelers heading into the north woods of Maine will encounter that features its own mall and major shopping centers. The downtown area of Bangor is full of history, while the outlying area remains a set of rambling country roads interrupted only by the occasional home. Bangor tours and Bangor trips are often part of a larger vacation through Maine, and a number of Bangor day trips can be enjoyed by tourists.


A day trip to Bangor or Bangor tours of the downtown area won't last tourists an entire day, but provides an excellent way to spend the morning and soak up some of the history of the town and the state of Maine. Much of the downtown area of Bangor was burned almost to the ground in 1911, and the downtown travelers see today during their day trip to Bangor has been built since that time. Sites in the downtown area include the Bangor Historical Society, the Cole Land Transportation Museum and a number of quaint brick buildings with a mixture of shops and cafes. Have lunch here in downtown, and then hop in the car to drive over to the house of author Stephen King, who lives in Bangor, as well as the enormous Paul Bunyan statue located on Main Street.

Bar Harbor

Many Bangor day trips can actually occur in the surrounding area of Bangor. About 50 miles south of Bangor on the I-395 highway is the town of Bar Harbor, which is located close to Acadia National Park. Bangor trips from the city to Bar Harbor are a superb way to while away an entire day. The town of Bar Harbor is a tourist's dream, with attractive shops lining the main streets, nestled in between pubs and chowder houses. Lobster lovers will appreciate Bar Harbor in particular; lobster is caught fresh in Bar Harbor daily and served up locally as well as shipped to spots around the world. Spend the morning here, and lunch at a pub or restaurant. Continue on to Acadia National Park, only about a thirty minute drive from Bar Harbor, and enjoy the beach for the rest of the afternoon. A number of great hikes and breathtaking scenery awaits you in Acadia National Park.

Moosehead Lake

Bangor day trips north of the city should begin with a trip to the Moosehead Lake Region. One of the largest lakes east of the Mississippi, this northern lake cradled by the stunning forest all around is one of the most popular day trips among all Bangor tours and Bangor trips. Not only was Moosehead Lake a favorite spot for such greats as Henry David Thoreau, but the lake of today is protected and has retained much of its pristine beauty over the years. Activities, depending on the season, include skiing, hiking, swimming, ice skating, canoeing, kayaking and even white water rafting. From Bangor, the lake is only about 90 minutes away. Anyone planning a day trip to Bangor with time to spend a day in the woods should consider making a trip up to the Moosehead Lake Region.

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake Maine, which is situated in the Longfellow Mountains, is the ...

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