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Since the days when the wealthy rusticators discovered the area in the late 19th century, the town of Bar Harbor Maine has made it a tradition to provide all types of lodging in Maine. A few years after its discovery, hordes of newly affluent visitors from the eastern seaboard cities arrived by steamboat and by rail. All of these enthusiastic guests were in search of lodging in Maine, so that they could explore the legendary beauty of the area that was being portrayed on the canvases of the popular artists of the period. At the turn of the century, the town of Bar Harbor Maine had enough hotels and boarding houses to provide accommodations for over 5,000 visitors. Therefore, one can easily surmise that the people of Bar Harbor have a historically unique understanding of lodging in Maine.

As the number of visitors increased, Bar Harbor hotel owners decided to build a number of small cottages on their Bar Harbor hotel grounds. This allowed them to accommodate an even greater number of guests. Much to their surprise, the owners discovered that their guests actually preferred the cottage to the Bar Harbor hotel itself. This inspired many people to build their own cottages.

Today, the town of Bar Harbor Maine is considered to be a bedroom community for Mount Desert Island, as well as Acadia National Park. Every type of Bar Harbor accommodation is available. There are hundreds of hotels in Bar Harbor, a long with a multitude of bed and breakfasts, motels and inns. Your choice of Bar Harbor accommodation depends on your budget, the people you are traveling with, the type of amenities you desire and where you would like to stay.

Those of you who are interested in the area’s history might enjoy staying in one of the historic hotels in Bar Harbor. For example, The Acadia is one of the hotels in Bar Harbor that was built in 1884 as a private home. It is located in the Historic Corridor of Bar Harbor Village. The Acadia combines the beauty and elegance of Victorian architecture and décor with the modern amenities that travelers enjoy.

Likewise, the Asticou Inn was built in 1883. It was one of the few hotels in Bar Harbor to survive the Great Fire of 1947. The Asticou Inn was built by Augustus Chase Savage, a schooner captain and entrepreneur who believed that the entrepreneurial spillover from the Bar Harbor area would soon be of significant benefit to the Northeast Harbor. He named the Asticou in after the town in which it was located. The town itself is named after a Penobscot Indian chief who was at Northeast Harbor around the time Champlain began his explorations. It is believed that the name translates to “boiling kettle." Today, the Asticou Inn continues to serve as an elegant Bar Harbor accommodation.

If all this talk of “Victorian elegance” is making you feel that a trip to Bar Harbor is unaffordable, rest assured, it is quite possible to find a Bar Harbor Discount hotel. The town is well served by Days Inn and other discount chain hotels and motels. However, keep in mind that with the great amount of hotels in Bar Harbor, the owners are often highly motivated to fill the rooms, especially during the “off” season. Therefore, it may be easier than you think to find discount hotels in Bar Harbor.

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