Maine Bed and Breakfast Inns

Maine bed and breakfasts inns are usually operated out of a large single family home. Guests are accommodated in a private bedroom. Some rooms may have private baths, some may not. If this is an important consideration, be sure to inquire prior to booking a room. Also, bear in mind that some Maine bed breakfast inns do not accept credit cards. Maine bed breakfast inns are famous for their breakfasts. However, some might offer only a small continental breakfast, while others serve a full, elaborate meal. Obviously, the ones that offer a full breakfast are sometimes more expensive.

One of the primary advantages of staying at one of the Maine bed breakfast inns is that they often offer easier access to the remote areas of Maine than the city center hotels. They are also smaller and more intimate. If you are interested in interacting with Maine locals, staying at a B and B in Maine is a good choice.

In addition to a top B and B in Maine, there are a number of classic and historical Maine inns. For example, the York Harbor Inn combines the intimacy of a B and B in Maine with the amenities of a larger hotel, and within easy reach of both the coast and the attractions of York. This is one of the Maine inns that date back to the late 19th century, when York was a prosperous economic port. Each room is individually decorated to reflect a different aspect of Maine culture or history.

The Inn at St. John in Portland is another one of the historic Maine inns. Originally known as the Hotel Victoria, the Inn at St. John was built by railroad tycoon John Deering in 1897 in order to accommodate arriving passengers at Portland's Union Station, which was located a block away from the inn. Located in the heart of Portland, Maine, the St. John combines European charm with New England hospitality.

If you are interested in Maine history, the owners of the Galen C. Moses House say that a stay at their inn “is like dwelling in a living museum, surrounded by reminders of the vast wealth that flowed through the city of Bath 150 years ago.” In fact, some people refer to Bath as the “undiscovered Williamsburg of the North.” Galen C. Moses was the president of several successful banks. He also sat on numerous boards of directors, while providing the funds for both the City of Bath Library and the second YMCA in America. His house was designed by Frances Fassett in 1874 for Mr. Moses and redesigned in 1901 by John Calvin Stevens. Once it was built, it became an important venue for the city’s social and civic functions. Today, you can stay there and relive Maine’s history.

If you plan on staying at any of the inns in Maine in May, the Maine Innkeepers Association has an interesting program. The Annual Hospitality for Habitat program is designed to raise funds for local chapters of Habitat for Humanity while encouraging visits to the inns in Maine throughout the spring season. Participating inns in Maine offer a designated number of their rooms at half the regular rate, in exchange for a small tax-deductible donation to Habitat for Humanity. This can be a great way to visit some of the Maine inns at an affordable rate, while contributing to a worthy cause.

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