Camden Maine

Camden Maine is one of the most alluring towns that can be found along the state's picturesque coastline. A rather affluent destination, it features beautiful mansions, some of which have been converted into bed and breakfasts. There's also the harbor with its terrifically scenic appeal, and you might be interested to know that the town park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. This famous landscape architect also designed Central Park in New York City, not to mention a number of other parks around the country.

The town of Camden ME is located in the central coast region. US Route 1, which runs through the heart of Camden, makes the town easy to get to from other coastal hotspots, such as Portland. The drive from Portland should only take a couple of hours, and the views of the Atlantic Ocean help make the time go by fast. Once in town, visitors can essentially park their vehicles and forget about them. Camden is ideal for walking, and there are plenty of places to stop along the way when a break is in order. Galleries, restaurants, and boutiques are among the in-town highlights.

Camden Maine has long been a retreat for the wealthy. Many of the wealthier visitors come from northeast cities such as Boston and Philadelphia, and summer has always been the peak season. You don't have to be a millionaire to have a good time in Camden, however, though it should be mentioned that the town maintains a very upscale atmosphere.

The beauty of the town is accentuated by the Camden Hills. These forested hills help to comprise Camden Hills State Park, which begins about a mile north of the town core. The park covers more than 6,000 acres, and among the amenities are a picnic area that overlooks the ocean and bunch of campsites. A toll road leads up to the top of Mount Battie at Camden Hills State Park if you want to enjoy the splendid views, and there are plenty of hiking trails to take on throughout the area.

You will also find the Camden Snow Bowl nearby. One of the top attractions in the region, this town-owned resort is a great place to go in the summer or the winter. During the summer months, mountain biking and hiking are among the top pursuits, while skiing and snowboarding take center stage during the winter. Tobogganing is also a popular thing to do at the Camden Snow Bowl during the winter season, and for years on end, it has served as the site for the US National Toboggan Championships.

When looking for things to do in Camden ME, a side trip to Rockport might be in order. It is possible to get to this attractive village by car or bike, and while in town, you might check out the museum of contemporary art or the glass-blowing gallery. Much like Camden, smaller Rockport is known for having a picturesque harbor, and area visitors might take interest in the fact that there are special car and bike tours that include stops in both towns. These tours are created by the Camden-Rockport Historical Society.

Another side trip idea for Camden Maine visitors are the islands in Penobscot Bay. Both private and state-operated companies offer boat and ferry service to the islands from the Camden region. Monhegan Island is the most renowned off-coast destination, and visitors come looking to enjoy the tranquility and the hiking trails.

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