Freeport Maine

The Freeport Maine outlet stores are a world-renowned shopping destination. Every year, millions of visitors flock to the beautiful coastal village of Freeport to shop at over 150 outlets, boutiques and designer shops. The Freeport Maine outlet stores are located to the north of Portland and to the south of the mid-coast region. The majority of the Freeport Maine outlet stores can be found either along Route 1 or on Main Street.

If you can think of any major chain store, it probably has an outlet shop in the Freeport Maine shopping district. You can find The Gap, Mikasa, Abercrombie & Fitch, The North Face, Yankee Candle, Liz Claiborne, Anne Klein and many other popular stores. However, one of the best parts of your Freeport Maine shopping experience will come from exploring the unique, smaller shops that specialize in crafts, jewelry, and “one of a kind” shops that often feature items that have been handcrafted in Maine.

The highlight of your Freeport Maine shopping excursion will most undoubtedly be your visit to the LL. Bean Flagship Store. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, a visit to LL. Bean is an experience in and of itself. The LL. Bean Company was founded in 1911 by avid hunter and fisherman Leon Leonwood Bean, who had developed a waterproof boot for hunters. The boot became so popular that by 1912 he was selling the "Bean Boot,” otherwise known as Maine Hunting Shoe through a mere 4-page mail order catalogue.

In 1917, LL Bean moved from a 25 x 40 ft. basement to a larger space on Main Street in the town of Freeport Maine. By 1925, they had developed a major apparel and sporting goods line. The store achieved even greater popularity when Ernest Hemingway recommended Bean Boots to his hunting partner. In fact, in 1938, Eleanor Roosevelt paid a surprise visit to the store on a trip to the town of Freeport Maine. Then, in 1939, the store in the town of Freeport Maine expanded to 36,000 sq. ft.

LL Bean is open 7days a week, 24 hours a day! The employees are friendly and enthusiastic, and the entire store has an upbeat atmosphere. In addition to providing a fun shopping experience, LL Bean sponsors a number of workshops and special events in the town of Freeport Maine. Depending on the season, these may include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, turkey hunting or paddle sports. Over the summer, LL bean sponsors a concert series.

If you plan to stay in the town of Freeport Maine, there are a variety of inexpensive hotels. However, if you want a Freeport Maine camping experience, there are a number of campgrounds. The Recompence Shore Campgrounds have flush toilets and showers. You can also do some Freeport Maine camping at the Desert Dunes of Maine Campgrounds. Campers receive a free pass to explore the Nature Trails, the Desert, the 1783 Tuttle Barn and museums.

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