Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport Maine, as well as the Lower Village of Kennebunk is located between the Kennebunk River and the ocean. The port is situated on the east side of the river and the Lower Village is on the west. On either side of the river you can find a number of historical buildings, which are now the home of a number of art galleries, gift shops, boutiques and restaurants.

Although historians are unclear as to when Kennebunkport Maine was first settled, there is evidence that is was founded in the same time frame as the Plymouth Colonies. It is known that in 1653, an English captain by the name of John Smith called the area Cape Porpoise, inspired by a school of porpoises he observed in its waters. That year, it was officially incorporated by that name. During this period, it was subject to the government of Massachusetts. By 1689, the settlers had driven out the entire Native American population. In the 1770s, Cape Porpoise was renamed Arundel. In the late 18th and early 19th century, hundreds of ships were built in the area. As Trans-Atlantic voyages became common, and larger ships were built. Then, in 1821, when the town became a major port of entry for foreign trade, it was named Kennebunkport Maine. Many of the mansions that you see along Summer Street in Kennebunkport once belonged to ship builders, sea captains and merchants.

Today, Cape Porpoise is a fishing village in Kennebunk Maine. If you go to the Cape Porpoise Pier, you can observe the lobstermen unloading their catch. Needless to say, this is an excellent place to find live Maine lobster. If you are thinking of buying some live Maine lobster, there are a few things you should know. In general, live Maine lobsters are greenish brown or black. However, they can also be blue, yellow, red or white. The color of a lobster's shell does not influence its flavor or texture. You will want to seek out live Maine lobsters that are mobile. They should be holding their claws upward and their tails straight. The claws of a live Maine lobster should never hang limply and the tails should never curl underneath the lobster’s body. You should store live Maine lobster in an open container in the refrigerator. Keep them moist with seawater or sea weed, but do not immerse them in water. If you would rather enjoy the delicious taste of lobster, rather than see the creatures while they are alive, there are plenty of superb seafood restaurants in Kennebunkport Maine.

If you prefer a quieter alternative the rustle and bustle of Kennebunkport Maine, you might consider a Goose Rocks beach vacation. A Goose Rocks beach vacation is far less commercial than some of the other beaches in Maine. There are no lifeguards or public toilets. However, this three-mile white sand beach is a walker’s paradise! If you are looking for some peace and quiet, consider a Goose Rocks Beach vacation.

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