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If you are looking at a map and thinking which of the United States to explore on your next vacation and you have never been to Maine, well then you have a worthy candidate. There are certainly some recommended places to head in Maine, but when it really comes to it, if you can get there, it's likely to be rewarding. With thousands of miles of Atlantic coastline, millions of acres of forestland, endless miles of rivers and plenty of mountainous highlands, Maine is dynamic. You can spot wild Moose roaming here, catch a glimpse of a whale, or hear a loon's call echo across a forest lake. You can ski your heart out at Sugarloaf, or camp on a remote coastal island. Wherever you go in Maine, you will eventually have to settle on at least one of the Maine hotels, that is unless you choose to camp exclusively. The following may give you an idea about where to go, and to help you find a place to stay once you get there.

If you are entering Maine by car along I-95, it will take about 50 miles to hit the state's largest city, Portland. If you choose to stay, it helps to know what to expect from the Portland ME hotels. Portland is a sophisticated city, with exceptional dining and plenty of things to do. If you appreciate art, a trip to the Portland Museum of Art is worth at least a few hours of your time. Among the many joys of being in Portland is observing the historical architecture that characterizes some of the city's oldest homes and buildings. When it comes to the selection of Portland ME hotels, you will find some nice upscale options, and for Portland, Maine discount lodging, there are chain brands you can choose from on the south side. You might also consider staying at one of the city's bed and breakfasts. From Portland, you can pick up Highway 1 for the coast and head for the renowned outlet stores in Freeport, or head inland on I-95 to the capital city of Augusta. Freeport is a joy for shoppers, and the Freeport hotels have choices to fit any budget. In Augusta, you can visit America's oldest wooden fort and explore the nearby town of Hallowell. You will find an ample mix of Augusta hotels, and Hallowell offers some great bed and breakfasts. On up Interstate 95, the town of Bangor besieges you, and when you realize that it is where writer Stephen King is from, you wonder if it could be haunted. Haunted or not, the city is dedicated to the notion that Paul Bunyan was borne from the Maine woods, and not those of Minnesota. There are some interesting choices for Bangor hotels downtown, but if you are due at the airport the next morning, you might stay at one of the airport hotels.

Perhaps you never made it as far as Portland, but instead made a quick exit for the beaches in York. York is a small town on the coast just as you enter Maine. The town of York is a popular summer resort where the summer months see an influx in visitors looking to enjoy the area beaches. The hotels in York present an interesting selection, and some are housed in historic buildings. Just up the coast from York is the visit-worthy town of Ogunquit. With nice beaches, an interesting artistic history and a live running summer theater, Oqunquit is a pleasure to visit in the warmer months for numerous reasons. The hotels in Oqunquit provide some most interesting options, including award-winning resorts and beachside retreats. As you make your way through some of the lower beach towns, you will eventually come to the popular tourist town of Kennebunkport, where the bed and breakfasts are many and the Kennebunkport hotels feature some unique considerations.

On the south coast, the historic town of Old Orchard Beach is known for having some of the best beaches in the state. With a uniquely wide array of camping options here, if you want to trade the many independently operated Old Orchard Beach hotels for a different experience, you don't necessarily need your tent. The list of Maine coastal towns that you could visit is quite lengthy, and if your plans are to make it up to see Acadia National Park, you will probably end up weighing your options for Bar Harbor hotels. The town of Bar Harbor has an intriguing history, and the beauty of the area is undeniable. Providing plenty of things to do, such as whale watching or hiking, Bar Harbor brings them in for a reason. It is pretty busy here in the summer especially, but with a wealth of Bar Harbor hotels to choose from, getting a room shouldn't be too much an issue. You can find Maine discount lodging here with the motels and chain hotels, and if you come in the off-season, the Bar Harbor hotels generally have cut their rates.

Before you visit Maine, it is a good idea to check out the Maine vacation rentals. In addition to the bed and breakfasts, the more traditional Maine hotels and the options for budget Maine hotels, the vacation rentals help to satisfy the tastes of virtually every visitor. The featured cities and towns in this article are just the tip of the iceberg for all there is to see and do in the Pine Tree State. In the North Woods, though deforestation by the paper companies is stripping parts of the forests, they are nonetheless much like they were decades past. If you are going north, Baxter State Park is of considerable interest. In the lower part of the state especially, the choices for budget Maine hotels can be found along primary roadways, and they are generally of the national chain brand. Online deals are also a good bet for budget Maine hotels, and even with the pricier options, booking online can mean big savings. From the Maine resorts to the independently owned inns, the Maine hotels welcome you.

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