The Perennial Inn, Rumford

The Perennial Inn

141 Jed Martin Road

The ambiance projects a genuine feeling of country hospitality. You will be pampered with thick, thirsty cotton towels, warm terry cloth robes and cozy, warm down comforters. Serene instrumental music gently fills the public areas as the afternoon fire crackles in the fieldstone fireplace in the gathering room. A large billiard table waits for an early evening game between you and new and old friends before leaving for a quiet dinner nearby. When you arrive back from dinner, the jets to the hot tub will be gurgling as you walk by, inviting you to soak under the stars, completing a perfect day in the country. Whether you come to get away and relax, or come to the area to work, we have amenities that you will appreciate. From wireless Internet, to personal attention, once you arrive you won't want to leave. Dogs welcome by reservation.