Maine Shopping

There are many people who plan a trip to New England simply for an excuse to go shopping in Maine. Indeed, almost anything can be found on a Maine shopping trip. Even better, the object of your desire can often be found at an affordable price!

A Maine shopping trip can be quite an adventure. Of course, it is easy to find a number of traditional shopping malls in Maine, such as the famous one that is located in Kittery. However, when you drive along some of the local roads of the small towns in Maine, you might see some shops that sell two types of products that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. For example, a beauty parlor may also be a taxidermist shop. Or you may find a book store that also sells fishing bate. In case you are wondering about how these quirky Maine shopping combinations came about, they are usually the result of a marriage where each partner owned a specific business. Since the economy in these smaller towns is often somewhat weak, the happy newlyweds sometimes decide to share a business space.

In some cases, these odd business combinations are owned by the same person. Take the basket weaving shop, Baskets of Joy in Brunswick Maine. The shop owner, Maurine Joy also owns the Midcoast Pilates Studio, which is right next door. She will even give the basket weavers some Pilates tips for working ergonomically!

Baskets and other types of crafts are common items that people look for when they go shopping in Maine. In fact, since the colonial days, high quality craftsmanship has been a strong value in Maine. Whether you are looking for jewelry, pottery, dolls, teddy bears or museum memorabilia, you are sure to find it when you go shopping in Maine.

If you enjoy the quality of Maine craftsmanship, you should plan a tour of the antique shops in Maine. While there are many stores of this type throughout the state, the Maine marketplace and Café, located in Bangor, is one of the most popular antique shops in Maine. The stores two floors are filled with an abundance of well crafted antiques and collectables.

For those of you whose tastes lie more in the athletic than the artistic, you will be happy to find that there are many shops that sell sporting goods and sporting apparel. In fact, LL Bean, the grand diva of all sporting goods and apparel stores is located in Freeport. It is open seven days a week and 24 hours a day for you Maine shopping convenience.

If all this talk of activity makes you hungry, and you want to try some New England style cooking in your own kitchen, your Maine shopping trip should definitely include a trip to one of the many farmer's markets located in cities throughout the state. Most of these markets are seasonal, running from late spring into the fall.

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