Suggested Itineraries for Maine

The state of Maine is one of the northeast's greatest treasures. Once a major lumber port and still the site of thousands of acres of forest, Maine is referred to as the vacation state for a reason. Suggested itineraries for Maine will almost always direct visitors to the coast as well as the woods, and both offer unique opportunities to experience an incredibly diverse landscape. Whether you plan to visit Bangor, Augusta, or anywhere in between, some suggested itineraries for Maine are included below.

Suggested itinerary for Maine cities:

1-3 Days

If you only plan to be in Maine for a day or two and will be in one of the larger cities in the state, you might consider a suggested itinerary for Augusta. The downtown area of Augusta is full of historic buildings, most notable the old Fort Western that today is open to the public as a historic house. Augusta is also the capital of Maine.

4-7 Days

With a few days to spend in the cities of Maine, a trip to Portland is a must. The largest city in Maine and arguably one of the most beautiful, the weather, lighthouses, and sophistication of Portland combine to make this one of the most popular spots for tourists. The downtown area of Portland is quaint and worth touring. While in Portland, a stop at the Portland Museum of Art, Victoria Mansion, or the Portland Public Market make for a laid back, fun vacation.

7 + Days

If you have a week or more to visit the cities of Maine, you will want to plan a Bangor itinerary in addition to visiting the cities listed above. A Bangor itinerary can include a trip down the Penobscot River during the fall, when the leaves change color and light up the town, or a shopping trip through the Old Town. Stephen King fans and non-fans alike will want to include a drive or walk past the home of Stephen King in their Bangor itinerary. Located near the downtown area on a quiet street, the wrought iron fence that surrounds the old mansion is the primary home of Stephen King and his family.

Suggested itineraries of Maine coast:

1-3 Days

With only a day or two to spend at the Maine coast, you will want to head straight for Acadia National Park. If you have ever seen pictures of the Maine coast, they were most likely pictures of the coast at Acadia. Bar Harbor is the nearest town, and while it is a major tourist destination, it is a quaint example of the sort of fishing town you might expect to find on the northeast coast. If you do travel to Acadia, there are a number of bed and breakfast inns in Bar Harbor, along with some great hotels.

4-7 Days

Suggested itineraries of Maine coast for travelers with a little more time can also include a tour of some of the best beaches in Maine. The Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunkport Beach are two of the most well known beaches in Maine and guests can swim and relax during the summer. Since you will still include a trip to Acadia in your suggested itineraries of Maine coast, you will also have a chance to do some hiking or camping if you choose. While the winter weather in Maine is too brutal for many of these activities, the summers lend themselves nicely.

7+ Days

Plan to visit the Maine coast in the summer if you have a lot of time. Hop on Route 9 at a northern point and start heading south. You will see some of the most striking rocky coasts, acres of gorgeous forest land, and have a chance to learn more about the history of the United States as you learn about the history of Maine. Shopping at many of the beach towns is inviting, and you will certainly have a number of souvenirs, as well as stories, to take back home with you.

Whether you rent a car to drive down the coast, or simply find transportation once you've arrived at your destination, Maine is home to everything from great skiing to great beaches. Your Maine itinerary can include various activities any time of the year.

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