York Maine

In 1603, Greg Hanson was the first European to explore York, Maine. This inspired pioneers from his home town of Bristol, England to establish what they called the Plantation of Agamenticus in 1636. Its name was eventually changed to York for York, England, where Oliver Cromwell defeated the Royalist forces during the English Civil War. It eventually became an agricultural trading port. One of the notable merchants of York, Maine was John Hancock, whose establishment is now a museum. Today, York Maine is a fashionable summer resort. The Town of York, Maine has some wonderful examples of the Gilded Age of Architecture, as well as some well-maintained historical buildings. However, it is York Maine Beach that is responsible for bringing the largest number of visitors to the area.

The York Harbor Maine Village Corporation and the York Maine Beach Corporation were created in York Maine in 1901. It was the York Beach Corporation who brought the first amenities to York Maine Beach. These included the first sidewalks, streetlight, fire department, and public sewage and water. Today, if you plan on taking a vacation in York Maine Beach, you should know that there are three “Yorks.” These include York Maine Beach, York Village and York Harbor Maine.

York Beach is a somewhat “honky-tonk” kind of place. It has a carousel, as well as a number of arcades. York’s Wild Kingdom, Maine’s largest zoo and amusement park is a block away from the beach. York Village is the business district of York Maine. It is sometimes referred to as “Old York.” This quaintly historic Maine town has a number of pretty churches, as well as a lovely green village. York Harbor Maine is where you will find an interesting array of quaint shops, art galleries and beautiful stately mansions. If you are interested in taking a boat ride on your vacation in York Maine Beach, York Harbor Maine has a number of yachts, as well some working lobster boats.

If you want to burn off some of the delicious New England food on your vacation in York Beach Maine, you can take a walk along the Fisherman’s Walk or the Cliff Walk. The Fisherman’s Walk connects York Harbor Maine and York Village. The Cliff Walk is a path that winds between the sea and the summer cottages and estates as it meanders along the rocky cliff.

There are a few beaches to visit on your vacation in York Beach Maine. Short Sands beach is popular with families. It has a bathhouse, outdoor showers, a playground and basketball courts. If you want to go surfing on your vacation in York Beach Maine, Long Sands beach has a designated surfing area. Harbor Beach is a smaller, horse shoe shaped beach.

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York Maine


In 1603, Greg Hanson was the first European to explore York, Maine. This ins...

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