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Many of the York Beach Maine lodging options will transport you back in time to the city’s Victorian heydays. When York’s second economic boom began in 1871, a number of hotels and rooming houses were built in the area. At the time, the York Harbor Inn, which was then known as the Hillcroft Inn, provided York Beach Maine lodging to the literary and cultural aficionados who visited the area. The tavern at the restaurant was known as The Cellar, which was actually a horse stable that was converted into a cocktail lounge. Today, the functional hitching post is still outside The Cellar door. The trolley used to pass right in front of the inn, which made it a convenient York Beach Maine lodging choice. Today, the trolley lights hang from the beams of the Cabin Room, which has an interesting history of its own.

In the 1800’s, a fishing community on the Isles of Shoals decided to dismantle their homes and bring them to York. During this period, the York Harbor Inn’s "Cabin Room," was transported by barge to York Harbor. It was used as a sail loft for the refitting of ships sails. Today, the Cabin Room is a major attraction of the York Harbor Inn. Although the inn is one of the historic York Beach Maine hotels, it provides a number of modern amenities such as a Jacuzzi and wireless internet service.

The owners of the York Harbor Inn recently purchased the 1730 Harbor Crest Bed and Breakfast Inn, which was once the home of John Adams. The Harbor Crest is another one of the York Beach Maine hotels with a rather interesting history. The 1876 Centennial inspired a revival of interest in the colonial era of architecture. As a result, home owners and architects began to rediscover the architecture of the eighteenth century. However, instead of copying the colonial style verbatim, the architects chose to enhance the old structures based on their own unique tastes. Thus the “Colonial Revival” was born, and the Adams House was transformed into the Mercer Mansion. It was owned by Henry C. Mercer, a famous anthropologist and archaeologist. Today, the Harbor Crest Bed and Breakfast Inn is one of the York Beach Maine hotels sometimes used for wedding receptions.

In addition to the historic hotels, there are hotels in York Beach Maine that serve as monuments to its maritime culture. For example, the Dockside Guest Quarters and Restaurant, located on Harris Island in York Maine, was once a marina that was owned and operated by a man named David Lusty. In the summer of 1954, a young lady by the name of Harriet Sibley came to the house to assist with the business. She and David fell in love and were married the next year. From time to time, visiting yachtsmen would inquire about rooms and showers at this huge home owned by the Lustys. They decided to renovate the house and add a restaurant. Today, while the inn is managed by their children, David sometimes skippers harbor cruises that are offered to the guests. Because of the family’s commitment to hospitality, the Dockside Guest Quarters has become one of the most popular hotels in York Beach Maine.

In addition to the historic and maritime hotels, there are a number of chain motels and hotels in York Beach Maine. Most major chains are represented.

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