Annapolis Maryland

Annapolis Maryland completes the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis triangle and adds abundant character and history to the tri-city arrangement. The best-known of all Annapolis attractions is the Naval Academy, set alongside the rushing Severn River. The historic city is one that charms most visitors with it's quaint and unique feel. Walking the historic streets and avenues lends a feeling of stepping into the past while boat shows and sailing are chief activities of the city proper. Once the official United States capital, Annapolis has now long been the capital of Maryland. Set between Pennsylvania and Virginia, maritime heritage thrives in the city where the Severn River meets with the Chesapeake Bay.

With its situation along the river, Annapolis Maryland cultivates yachting and boating and many exciting summertime events around the city's core, the City Dock. A continuous summer-party atmosphere fills the town each year when the weather perks up and warms the crisp air. In Annapolis restaurants and shops are in abundance, dotting the dock area and the rest of city and welcoming visitors with friendly greetings and unique offerings. Blue crab cakes are one of the hot in-house specialties at many riverside Annapolis restaurants as are local, handcrafted brews and plenty of college folk during the school year. Annapolis restaurants include delicious cuisines from Lebanese to Japanese to Mexican to good 'ole pubs and cafes. Weekends showcase streets brimming with Annapolis vacation goers and locals soaking in good spirits, great food, and plenty of entertainment.

Sightseers will love Annapolis attractions such as handsome homes, sweeping manors, stunning architecture, and many interesting public buildings. In fact, there are more than 1,500 historic buildings to see during an Annapolis vacation, a feat nearly impossible unless you have a lot of time on your hands! Maryland tours with the Historic Annapolis Foundation are the best way to see and learn about the city's long running history. These walking tours along brick-paved walkways and narrow avenues concentrate on the most authentic colonial homes and beautiful public structures, more impressive than anywhere else in the state.

There are numerous Annapolis attractions to seek out during a stopover or holiday. The Banneker-Douglass Museum is top rated and named in honor of Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Banneker. It's full of artifacts and exhibits highlighting African American culture and heritage and features lectures on culture, changing exhibits, tours, films, and much more. The Annapolis Maryland State House is another great city highlight bursting with US history. The State House served as the US Capital between 1783 and 1784. Historic London Town and Gardens is another of the top attractions and a must-see during an Annapolis vacation. Twenty-three acres boast historic buildings, colorful gardens, and a fascinating archaeological site.

History buffs will want to take a trip to Hammond-Harwood House and to William Paca House and Garden. The first is the considered the finest of historic homes in the city, a classic Georgian, and is filled with extensive art collections. The latter home is a fine example of "golden age" architecture and encompasses formal gardens set on two sweeping acres. Both offer full tours. The Chesapeake Children's Museum, Clara Barton House and the Ghosts of Annapolis tour are also excellent things to do while visiting the city. Through the area visitors will find many excellent amenities including a wonderful assortment of Annapolis hotels, unique Annapolis restaurants, specialty shopping and plenty of other amusements worthy of at least a few days' stay in the capital.

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