BWI Airport Shuttle

BWI Airport shuttle service is what many air travelers rely on when trying to get from the terminal to their intended Baltimore area destinations. There are a few different options when it comes to Baltimore Airport shuttles, and they include those that are offered by the airport's own shuttle service. The vans that are used for the standard airport service can provide transportation to destinations across Maryland, and while sharing a ride will lower the costs, private rides can also be arranged.

BWI Airport shuttle service is available starting at 3 a.m. until midnight. Should you need service outside of these hours, one of the independent shuttle companies might be the better option. One of the local companies that offers Baltimore Airport shuttles provides rides to the major downtown hotels, while another specializes in trips to more far off destinations, such as the seaside resort of Ocean City. Whatever your needs, the Baltimore Airport shuttles have you covered. You can also keep the other Baltimore Airport transportation options in mind when trying to decide how to get to or from the terminal.

In addition to arranging shuttle service, those who are in need of airport transportation in Baltimore can take a taxi, rent a car, hop on the Light Rail, or use the MARC metro system. The airport's taxi stand is found right outside the baggage claim, and taxi trips to the airport can be arranged through one of the local companies. Luxury sedan and limo service is also available should you prefer. As for renting a car, eight major car rental agencies have a presence at the Baltimore Airport, so you won't be limited in terms of options. Free shuttles transport renters to and from the rental car facilities.

While arranging shuttle service, taking a taxi, and renting a car are attractive Baltimore Airport transportation options, those who want to save some money will likely prefer the Light Rail or the MARC metro system. Light Rail service to Downtown Baltimore is available, with the Camden and Penn stations being the stopping points. As far as the MARC metro system is concerned, it offers BWI Airport service on the weekdays, with other area stops including Downtown Baltimore's Penn Station and Washington D.C.'s Union Station. Penn Station is open between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Union Station opens at the same time and closes one hour later. When taking a MARC train to the airport, you will get off at the BWI Marshall Rail Station and hop on a connecting shuttle to get to the terminal.

Should you be interested in BWI Airport shuttle service, it is worth noting that some of the area hotels provide it to their guests for free. This is especially true of the Baltimore Airport hotels. When renting a car is the preferred Baltimore Airport transportation option, you might consider booking your rental with your flight as part of a vacation package. This can be a good way to get a deal, as vacation packages tend to offer discounts on everything that they include.

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