Baltimore Zoo

Baltimore Zoo, or the Maryland Zoo as it is now known, is one of the best attractions in town for families and anyone who likes animals. There are more than 2,000 animals to see on a visit to this third-oldest zoo in the country, and you'll also get to enjoy a tram ride with the price of admission. For younger visitors, the children's zoo is an excellent place to spend an hour or more, and any and all visitors are likely to enjoy the daily penguin feedings. As is true of most big city zoos, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore offers a lot to both see and do, so visitors should plan on spending at least a couple of hours there, if not a few.

The former Baltimore Zoo has been named among the best zoos in the nation on several occasions, thanks in part to its numerous conservation programs. You might be interested to know that the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore breeds the greatest number of African black footed penguins in North America. Zoo staff has also gone to South Africa to study the species in its natural environment, as well as help with cleanup and conservation efforts after an oil spill. The zoo also boasts North America's largest breeding colony of golden frogs, which helps the Panamanian species avoid extinction. These are just some of the highlights when it comes to the conservation efforts, and it is also worth noting that the zoo goes to great lengths to provide excellent care for all of its creatures.

When making your rounds at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, some of the animals that you can expect to see include elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, and chimpanzees. These are just some of the many mammals that are on display, and when you add in the reptiles and birds, the list gets longer. There are some 200 animal species that are exhibited at the former Baltimore Zoo, with the reptiles including crocodiles, tortoises, and rattlesnakes. On the avian side of things, black vultures, long-eared owls, and ostriches are among the bunch. Ravens, which are Baltimore symbols of sorts, are also on display, as one might expect. The raven connection started with famous native son Edgar Allan Poe, and the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, who play at M&T Bank Stadium, have the rather ominous looking bird as their mascot.

You can do more than view the animals on a trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, though viewing the animals alone is reason enough for a visit. For a small fee, it is possible to purchase a branch of acacia and feed the giraffes from a special platform. Visitors can also watch one of the daily penguin feedings, which take place at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., or listen to various interpreter talks about the different animals. Most of these interpreter talks, or keeper chats as they are also known, are relatively short and easy to fit on the agenda. Animal enthusiasts who are visiting Baltimore, it is worth noting, can also consider enjoying various keeper chats and watching informative side shows at the National Aquarium, where marine creatures are at the heart of things.

For families, no trip to the Maryland Zoo would be complete without a visit to the children's zoo. At the children's zoo area, it is possible to pet farm animals, explore a model cave, play on the tree slide, and watch otters swim over your head in an submerged archway, among other things. After spending some time there, a ride on the carousel might be in order, and from May 1 to Labor Day, it's also possible to enjoy a camel ride should you please. During the holiday season, the Baltimore Zoo Lights celebrations are also worth keeping in mind, especially for families. These holiday celebrations revolve around dazzling light shows that are offered nightly.

The Baltimore Zoo hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Save for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, this excellent attraction is open daily. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the Baltimore Zoo hours when planning a visit, you might also familiarize yourself with the ticket options. Tickets can be ordered ahead of time or bought upon arrival and are good for one full year after the date of purchase. Discounts are often offered for advance ticket purchases, and you'll be happy to know that parking is free. The Zoo Lights light displays, it should be noted, are illuminated after the normal Baltimore Zoo hours and don't cost anything to enjoy!

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