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Baltimore car rentals allow vacationers to freely explore the city and region as they please. While the transportation options are complete when it comes to the Baltimore area, nothing is as convenient as having a vehicle. You can get up and go somewhere without having to buy a ticket or waiting until a certain hour rolls around. There is no shortage of enticing area attractions to visit on a trip to Baltimore, and the list of nearby cities only includes the nation's capital.

A Baltimore Airport car rental is what most visitors opt to go with when trying to secure a set of wheels for their time in town. Arranging a BWI car rental is easier than ever, partly because of the fact that there are no less than eight major rental agencies at the airport's user-friendly rental car facility. The rental car facility can be found at the spot where Stoney Run Road meets New Ridge Road, and free shuttle service is in place to get renters from the terminal to the facility. The Baltimore Airport car rental shuttles depart every ten minutes or so from the lower level terminal and the ride out to the rental car facility takes about ten minutes. Once you return your car to the airport's rental car facility, you can take the free shuttle back to the airport as well.

If you aren't planning on arranging a Baltimore Airport car rental, but you still want to rent a vehicle while in town, there are other options. Rental car agencies can be found throughout the area, and many hotels are happy to arrange a rental vehicle for their guests. This is especially true at the luxury hotels. There is at least one rental car agency in the Inner Harbor, and anyone who is staying at one of the Fells Point hotels might be happy to know that there is also an agency based in the Fells Point neighborhood.

When cheap rental cars in Baltimore are the aim, there are a few things worth considering. For starters, some of the rental car agencies offer special deals from time to time, with the weekends usually being the best time to get a discount. If you can't manage to get a special deal, you can always try to secure a smaller, simpler car. The economy and compact cars that are relatively low on frills are the cheapest of the Baltimore car rentals on average. Toss in the fact that the smaller cars also get better gas mileage than larger cars, and it becomes apparent that going small is one of the best ways to save on rates.

Travelers who are trying to book cheap rental cars in Baltimore are encouraged to consider vacation packages. Many travel packages allow for the addition of a rental vehicle, and more often than not, there will be a discount on that rental. Vacation packages in general aim to save travelers money, and other things that they usually include are flights and accommodations. As for renting a larger or more upscale vehicle, the Baltimore car rentals include sleek SUVs and luxury sedans. It is also possible to rent a van or a pick-up truck if you prefer.

Whether you are interested in cheap rental cars in Baltimore or you are thinking of securing a more luxurious model, there will be plenty of fun destinations to drive to. You won't exactly need a car in the downtown area as you can easily get around by foot or taxi, but should you be planning on taking side trips to nearby cities such as Ellicott City, Havre de Grace, or Washington D.C., there are a number of major highways that provide easy access. I-95 is the main interstate, and it can be used to travel between Baltimore and these interesting destinations.

As for driving in downtown Baltimore, things are made easier by the straight grid layout of the streets. Should you be traveling northbound, Howard Street, Charles Street, and Calvert Street are the main avenues, while both Cathedral Avenue and St. Paul Street are the primary southbound roads. When trying to move from the east side of the city to the west side and vice versa, Lombard Street and Pratt Street are among the most popular options. A number of parking garages can be found downtown, and metered street parking is also in fairly good supply in and around the downtown area. The major hotels offer parking for guests, and on the rare occasion, it is free.

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