Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore Convention Center plays host to numerous events throughout the year, and for those who are coming to town for one of these events, there are plenty of good hotels to choose from close by. There are also plenty of good restaurants in the general area, as well as an array of excellent attractions. This helps to make the Baltimore Convention Center hotels very attractive, even if you aren't in town for a convention or something the like.

If you are planning on attending one of the Baltimore Convention Center events and are not staying at a hotel that is within a few blocks distance, getting there is made easy by the fact that both the Camden Line metro station and the Camden Yards Light Rail Stop are within walking distance. Direct links between these stops and the airport exist, and parking is in good supply in the surrounding downtown area should you prefer to drive.

The Baltimore Convention Center opened in 1979 and was expanded in the 1990s. It offers more than 1 million square feet of total event space, and thanks to its location in the heart of one of the eastern seaboard's best cities, it has little trouble attracting visitors. The Baltimore Convention Center events include seminars, conventions, expositions, and even high school commencement ceremonies during some times of the year. The seminars, conventions, and expositions revolve around any number of topics and industries, including computer software, coin collecting, and antiques. As such, any and all visitors to Maryland's largest city might want to consult the Baltimore Convention Center events schedule when planning their trip for an additional event and adventure on the itinerary.

As is true of a number of other Inner Harbor and downtown attractions, such as the Maryland Science Center and the National Aquarium, the Baltimore Convention Center was largely built to help boost tourism. All of the fantastic attractions that can be found in the general area do a fine job bringing visitors into the city, as they provide entertainment options to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. In other words, if you're in town for one of the Baltimore Convention Center events, you will have trouble running out of options for ways to fill down time when you're not at the center.

For those who are interested in staying at one of the Baltimore Convention Center hotels, the Hilton Baltimore is a good place to start. This hotel is connected to the center and offers more than 700 comfortable rooms and suites filled with nice amenities to make a comfortable stay for anyone. Due to the fact that the center is but a block or two from the Inner Harbor, the Inner Harbor hotels can also be ideal Baltimore Convention Center hotels, as can the Sheraton Baltimore City Center, which is less than three blocks away. There's also the favorable Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, which might just boast the best location of any Baltimore hotel.

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