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Baltimore cruises are popular with both tourists and residents of the Baltimore area. Baltimore is a fantastic city to visit, and there are a few different cruise options to consider. On a Baltimore cruise to nowhere, you will remain at sea the entire time, while the other cruises offer the opportunity to stop at one or more ports of call. Some of these ports of call can be found in the Caribbean, among other interesting destinations, so there are some very satisfying options to choose from.

Most cruises from Baltimore originate out of the city's main cruise port. The Port of Baltimore, as the port is known, can be found near the Fort McHenry Monument, meaning that it doesn't take very long to get there from the Inner Harbor. As far as the kinds of Baltimore cruises that are offered, they include large-ship cruises and smaller-ship cruises. The large-ship cruises typically venture off to the Caribbean, as well as Bermuda and the Bahamas, and they typically last anywhere from five to twelve nights.

The small-ship Baltimore cruises tend to stay in the Chesapeake Bay, stopping at such destinations as Annapolis and Tangier Island. Other popular stops on the small-ship Chesapeake Bay cruises include the towns of Crisfield and Yorktown. Between these four locales, there are shops to shop at, restaurants to dine in, and even a few museums to explore. As is true of the larger ships, the small ships that are used for cruises from Baltimore feature comfortable cabins that guests can relax and sleep in when they aren't enjoying fun activities and attractions.

While it can be fun to stop at various ports of call on a Baltimore cruise, there are cruises that stay at sea the entire time. In the cruise industry, these kinds of cruises are known as cruises to nowhere. A Baltimore cruise to nowhere is a mini-vacation of sorts, and the fact that Baltimore's cruise port is not as busy as those that can be found in other eastern seaboard destinations, such as New York, only helps to make them more attractive.

A luxurious liner that mimics a luxury hotel is most often employed on cruises to nowhere, regardless of the cruise's point of origin, and this means that guests will have little trouble relaxing. Thanks to the impressive ship amenities, various activities, such as volleyball, swimming, and even gambling can be enjoyed on a Baltimore cruise to nowhere, and depending on the cruise, you might also be able to watch a live music performance, take in a comedic performance, or get a massage at the onsite spa. These cruises are designed to allow you to relax and spend some time on the water.

Cruises from Baltimore only seem to be getting more popular with time, and the fact that the cruise port was radically revamped is just one of the reasons why. The port is close to a number of fantastic inland hotels, as well as some of the best Baltimore attractions, so there will be plenty of options for places to stay and things to do when you're not out at sea. If you don't have time for a cruise on your Baltimore vacation and you want to get out on the water, other boating and sailing opportunities are available. If nothing else, you might hop on a water taxi at some point, which can serve as an excellent mini cruise option. You can also take a duck tour, which involves spending some of the time on land and some of the time in the water on unique, WWII-era amphibious vehicles.

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