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Edgar Allan Poe is undoubtedly one of the greatest, yet most disenchanted poets of our time. For Edgar Allan Poe life began in Boston Massachusetts to a pair of actors on January 19, 1809. One year later his father died and a year after that his mother also passed away, leaving him a young orphan taken in by John Allan, a Richmond, Virginia Merchant. For Edgar Allan Poe life became even more dire when his brother passed away at a young age and his sister went insane, leaving him with no remaining blood relatives. It seemed that Poe's sad beginnings were assuaged by poetry. Reciting English poetry at five years of age, he began writing his own not long after. Many called him a true "born poet".

Working both as an editor and as a contributor, Poe gained a vast wealth of experience, all the while continuing to write original works. Sometime in the 1830s his work became more and more recognized and acclaimed. Psychological thrillers like "The Fall of the House of Usher" became his trademark. While working as an editor in Philadelphia in 1841, Poe was on the cusp of releasing one of his most famous works, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". During his time in Philly, Poe published many more works, more of his trademark tales of horror.

In 1845, his most highly acclaimed and well-known piece, "The Raven" was completed and published. This brought him to an entirely new level of recognition. Poe's wife Virginia died in 1847 and from there life turned into a downward spiral for Poe. Over the years he attempted suicide, suffered through many failed relationships, was deteriorated by depression and alcoholism and his career slowly died off. Edgar Allan Poe died in October 1849 in Baltimore at the age of forty.

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum was originally constructed in 1830. Back then it wasn't a Baltimore tourist attraction but a public housing project. After almost two decades the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum was taken over by the Edgar Allan Poe Society. It became a major Baltimore tourist attraction immediately. Though disputed in the beginning, it was proven that Poe did actually live at the Edgar Allan Poe House for a time. The city, at the request of the EAP Society, restored the Baltimore tourist attraction, using almost $100,000. The Edgar Allan Poe House is now maintained as an historic museum by the Commission for Historic and Architectural Preservation.

Activities and tours are also sponsored at the Edgar Allan Poe House by the CHAP. Poe's thrilling horror stories are acted out by local performers for these events. In around the third week of January each year, things to do at the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum include The World's Largest Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Celebration. Edgar Allan Poe life and works are acted out in theater performances, special exhibits are featured and live music is all part of the celebration.

Poe's grave is a few blocks from the museum and is the most popular stop for tourists. It's easy to find by walking or using your car rental. From Wednesday through Sunday visitors can explore the house and museum between noon and 3:45pm from April to December. From January through March the Edgar Allan Poe House is closed. For Edgar Allan Poe life was short and anguished. His pain was delivered through his mystery and horror writings, works which have made history and will continue to live on through poets, writers and fans for a lifetime.

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